Monday, October 25, 2010

A lazy weekend

Well, not a whole lot went on this weekend. I had a flurry of activity on Saturday, but have since spent the entire day of my Sunday reading books and magazines, watching the National Geographic shows on Netflix Wii that Jonathan doesn't care to watch with me (he's been at a bike race for the past few hours, so I've had a good amount of alone time), and relaxing.

There were some stressful times to my weekend. Halo, our 20+ year old cat, went to the vet on Thursday and on Friday we found out she has diabetes. We had our cat Jeff die last year from cancer, but he'd had diabetes for awhile. He was only nine! So Halo being sick is incredibly stressful for me. I have had her at least since I was eight. And I'll be 28 in December, so you do the math! After coming home from the vet she had a hard time coming off the sedation and hasn't eaten. Diabetic cats NEED to eat because otherwise fat builds up in their liver and it's not good. She also hates wet food (always has) and that's really what she needs to be eating now. So this morning I remembered we had some tunafish in the pantry so I gave her a little bit and she ate it! She's now eaten a little bit three times throughout the day now and she is visibly perkier and more like herself. She's been so weak that she hasn't been able to go up to "her place" on the couch, so we made her a little kitty bed on the rug where she's been calling home.

Artoo came over to snuggle with her today. So cute! He's a good doggie brother.

He was very concerned on Saturday night that Halo was in his bed. He got so agitated that he eventually leapt over her and into the back of his kennel.

Eventually everything was okay, though!

He is very quick!

Saturday night I went to Opaline Spa for a facial. I like that Anna (the owner) uses organic and natural ingredients and one of the lines she carries is Angel Face Botanicals, which, as you know, is something I totally love! This was, hands down, one of the best facials I've ever gotten! We talked a bit about skincare and she referred a few things to me that I had been curious about. I had a wonderful experience! She ended it with a peppermint oil scalp massage and reiki. I was in bliss. My skin looks way better today. Plus, she gave me a sample of River Organics' Lavender Moisture Cream to try. One of the products she used on me was River Organics' Lemon Micro Scrub, which I have been wanting to try and it is JUST as good as I knew it would be! I am jonesing for it now. Lemon is one of my favorite scents and it was the perfect scrubby texture and so, so, so good-smelling! I can't wait to purchase some. I love that she uses Portland-made skincare products! If you are in Portland, you MUST go to Opaline Spa! You will be in for a treat!

Today I'm excited because I finally wrestled our down blanket into the duvet cover and safety-pinned it into place. This task usually takes me about twenty minutes. I know most people don't pin their blankets to their covers, but if I don't do it, the blanket will slide down around my waist (inside the cover). So last season I fixed it! So this season I washed the duvet cover and it has been sitting around the apartment for over a week, waiting to be put on the blanket. I'm SO happy I finally got everything situated and put it on my bed. My cover is from West Elm and it makes me so happy! I love the bright green and the seaweed/fern design.

Ta da!! Lovely gyotaku from my friend Sharron Huffman!

I did do some cooking this weekend, making teriyaki salmon bowls, salmon cakes (recipe here), and Brittany-style miso soup. The links take you to photo albums with instructions of how to make the food. Everything was totally delicious! Yes, I made a Facebook fan page for my blog, but it seemed to make sense to put all of my food pictures and recipes there in one place.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend like I did!

P.S. I'm selling some cute winter accessories and some 100% Pure facial products on eBay right now. The auctions end next Sunday evening. Check them out if you're interested!

P.P.S. Jessica of Angel Face Botanicals is in a contest to win a new website! VOTE HERE to help her out! You can vote once a day! Even just one vote will help. She's in ninth place now. We can help her get higher than that!


  1. I am very very sorry to hear about your kitty cat. That is terrible. I am sending healthy kitty vibes your way.

    Did you get them? xo

  2. I did, thank you! Yes, there was lots of crying this weekend. :o( I really can't wait until the vet's office is open tomorrow so I can give them a call!