Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Heading To Argentina and Antarctica Today - Want To See My Carry-On Items?

Thanks to Tips of Travelling for the image!
Holy. Cow.


The trip that I have planned for for the past several years is finally happening.

Much like I did with my trip for three weeks in Peru and Easter Island, I thought I would share what I am bringing with me for the next month. Let's recap: I get to DFW tonight and fly all night to Buenos Aires, spending all day Thursday there, and then heading to the airport in the wee hours to take a 4:45am trip to Ushuaia, Argentina, aka "The Southernmost City in the World." I officially leave on Saturday at 4pm on the M/S Expedition for three weeks with the goal of getting to Antarctica! After returning to Ushuaia on January 30 I will stay at a B&B until I leave on February 4 to return to Portland. Whew!

Like my last trip to South America, I will be carrying everything in my Patagonia MLC Bag and REI Purse. Surprisingly, my bag feels a lot lighter than it did when I went to Peru. I would be surprised if my bag was even ten pounds, seriously. So what *am* I bringing?

Clothes and Layers
iPhone & charger
Moto X & charger
MacBook Air & charger
Kobo Touch & charger
Camera & phone waterproof cases

Water bottle
Personal toiletries
Cash for M/S Expedition personnel tips and Argentina spending money
Tickets/travel insurance documents/trip details info
Passport (duh)
Rite in the Rain notebook & pens

If you want to follow along online, check out my Instagram here, or check out the M/S Expedition's Instagram! Or if you would like to see this adventure from Frank the Travel Cat's point of view, here is her Instagram! Here are some pictures of other adventures we've been on. I can't wait to update her map!

Seriously, though, a HUGE THANK YOU to anyone who donated money to my trip fund, hired me, paid for something, or what-EVER to help make this trip happen! I have been saving for this trip since 2011 and to actually be leaving on it today, fulfilling a freaking HUGE LIFE GOAL, is kind of nutty. So thank you!! :o)


  1. I hope you have an amazing trip!!

    1. Thank you!! To say I'm excited is an understatement!

    2. Hello Brittany! Was wondering how you were doing. It's been a long time and was curious what you were up to. I hope you are doing well, but am a bit worried as there is no posts for over a year. (It's Me, from "Just Us" blog - your Ketchikan friend who moved to Oregon then Canada)