Monday, November 25, 2013

Hiking Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge

Back in August, Sofia and I decided to do a hike that neither of us had done before, even though it is so close to Portland - Multnomah Falls! Only about half an hour from Portland, Multnomah Falls is definitely a sight to see. It's the tallest waterfall in Oregon and the second tallest year-round waterfall in the U.S. I love driving through the Gorge and seeing Multnomah Falls on the way by. I've hiked around the area quite a bit, but never have I hiked to the top of the waterfall.

The hike itself is fairly easy overall and is only 1.1 miles long with 700 feet of elevation gain, but get ready for lots of switchbacks - 11 of them! Be sure and wear good footwear because we saw people in both flip flops and heels. Ouch!

I'm glad Sofia went with me! The weather was beautiful and we had a great time!

This picture was taken from the top of the first section, looking out over the bottom. We still had many switchbacks to go to get to the top!

The view from the top!

Are there any other Gorge hikes you'd recommend? I've done quite a few, but it seems like there are always more to do!


  1. Ah! I love it there, so much! I hope you hopped right on over to the brewery when you came down? :-)

    1. We maaay have spent five hours at Walking Man Brewery in Stevenson, WA, where Sofia's husband is the head brewer there. ;o)