Friday, March 11, 2011

Soap Supplies, Sprouts, and Stats!

We made it! It's Friday, once again! *fanfare*

This weekend should be pretty good. I have both fun stuff and not-so-fun stuff planned. The fun stuff includes meeting up with Sharron tomorrow to check out specimens for nature printing and hopefully making some soap! Or at least getting the rest of the supplies I need to do it with. Wednesday night I went to the co-op and to Mr. Green Beans and got most of my supplies.

I've got three soaps I'd like to start with all planned out. Just small batches for starters, just to see how this works. I'm so excited!

Update: as of Thursday I have not yet found either Rainier or ginger oil for two of the soaps, sooo I will be making only one of the soaps I originally planned for as soon as I get the other supplies. Still! I am keeping positive thoughts that both Rainier and ginger oil will come my way soon.

On Wednesday I started sprouts for the first time. I got a yummy-looking mix of sprouting seeds from the co-op and am excited to try them!

Seedie buddies

The initial soak

My screen from the co-op. Works excellently!

As of Thursday night, I have wee sprouts growing! I can't wait to eat them and see how this turns out. I love when plans go as...planned.

Bad news for Brittany, though. I think I've failed stats, although the stats tutor that is at PCC said that she thinks many people in my class will be retaking it. Yay? What sucks is that means I'm not going to graduate in June with my bachelor's. In fact, I'm not sure when I'll be graduating now. Since I'm going to Ketchikan, I don't think I'll be back in PDX before fall term starts again, so the soonest I could take it would be a year from now. Sad!! So that delays my degree a year. Suuucks. It's not the worst thing that could possibly happen, but I would really like my degree, you know? But that's life, I guess. :o\

Oh oh oh! Okay, so back to good news. This is something I'm REALLY excited about! I am going to be doing giveaways every Tuesday now! Every! Tuesday! I have giveaways planned from artistic friends for the next two months, minimum. All sorts of stuff, too. Something for everyone! Photography prints, letterpress prints, bags, jewelry, hats, coffee, soap, so much! So stick around, or at least come back every Tuesday, and enter to win the next giveaway! Have you entered this week's giveaway? Doooo eeeeet!!

Anyone have anything exciting happening this weekend?


  1. keep hope alive! you still might have passed your class!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your stats course. Hopefully you did better than you feel, but if not... That really sucks a lot. :-/ Is there anyway you could take it distance ed (maybe even through a UA school--or even at a UAS Ketchikan extension campus if you're going to actually be in AK) and then have the credit applied toward your degree?

    You are going to love your sprouts though, I'm sure of it! :-D

  3. I actually tried taking stats distance first from the college I'm doing all of my other distance stuff through and it was a nightmare. I actually spent over twenty hours the first week trying to work on it. :o/ That was the first class I ever withdrew from, so then when I signed up for this I had high hopes, but I didn't know there was a stats tutor I could have seen until the very last week. :o( So I'm hoping that if I have to take it again, it may be better because it will be the only class I'll be taking at that time and now that I know there is a free stats tutor, that's a good thing! Obviously I hope there is some way that I pass but I would be amazed if I did. I'm not trying to sound hopeless, just realistic!

    But, yes, YAY SPROUTS! Ha ha! At least I can do that.