Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I'm loving lately

Well, this week was pretty darn good. Jonathan and I had a wonderful evening on Wednesday, our three year anniversary. We had DELICIOUS burgers at Foster Burger and then went to Portland City Grill, where I had two delicious martinis (the ginger lemon drop is SOOOO GOOD - sorry for all caps, but wow! - and the acai berry martini) and he had scotch. He gave me a really pretty two tone rose, which was red and yellow! It's really neat-looking and I've never seen one like it before. Very sweet of him!

I would like to share this funny picture of Artoo sitting Really Really Well. (His words.)

So I'm pretty thankful for some things this week. I just realized three of them are food/drink items that I've been enjoying at work. It's nice to have yummy things to look forward to while I'm sitting at my desk!

Excitement #1: Kashi Dark Mocha Almond Chewy Bars

Image from here.
Kashi can do no wrong by me. I've loved everything I've had of theirs. I saw these bars for the first time last weekend when Jonathan and I went grocery shopping. Um, mocha and fruity flavor? Sign me up! These bars are crazy good. Kashi's chocolate and cherry bars are good, too. The cherries are big chunks of fruit, too. Mmmm...

P.S. I am tickled that Kashi calls these "chewy bars" because *I* would call them chewy bars. They could have called them plain ol' "granola bars," but they DIDN'T and for this there is an extra layer of whimsy to them. I overthink these bars. I love these.

Excitement #2: Republic of Tea Pomegranate Vanilla Rooibos

Image from here.
I picked up this tea at QFC last weekend because it was on clearance for $3.50. HOLY COW! This tea is like delicious juice. I don't know why it was discounted. Maybe it was past the sell-by date? Whatever it was, I would buy this tea at full price ($11.50). I used to work at a tea shop and we sold Republic of Tea. I really like their products! This tea is so addictive that I have been drinking three cups a day of it since I got it. It's that good.
Also, for some reason, I think a little hint of lime juice might be good in it. I like adding lemon juice to ginger and green teas, but lime juice just sounds good in this.

Excitement #3: The Sky These Past Few Mornings

Excitement #4: Reinvented

This is my new favorite blog. I always look forward to when I see that Google Reader tells me I have a new post to read from Samantha. She is a lover of life and I've really been extra enjoying a series of posts that she did called "100 Ways to Reinvent Your Life." Here's her four posts (with 25 ways each) to reinvent your life. Hopefully, if you're like me, it will spark some ideas about perhaps things you've been thinking about and want to try. Maybe you need a kick in the pants to get started on an idea. Maybe you don't know what you want to try yet because you don't know what's out there? Read her ideas, think of some of your own, and go from there!

100 Way to Reinvent Your Life Part 1
100 Way to Reinvent Your Life Part 2
100 Way to Reinvent Your Life Part 3
100 Way to Reinvent Your Life Part 4

I'd love to hear from YOU! What are you loving lately?


  1. What a great blog you have! Full of fascinating stuff. We share many interests.

    You and Jonathan make an adorable couple. And Artoo is a cutie-pie.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog -- much appreciated!

  2. Hello new blog friend! :o) Artoo is a hoot. He's such a funny dog. There will always be lots of pictures of him!

    And you are welcome for the blog comment! I love seeing pictures of people's outfits and getting inspiration from them. :o)

  3. That is an absolute adorable picture of Artoo! One of these days I'll have some ideas of "what I'm loving lately" I always love these posts of yours!

    I too love taking pictures and just gazing at the sky. I think that the Fall is one of the best times of the year for striking skies. Great pictures.