Wednesday, October 30, 2013

August's Ketchikan Trip - Bears, Flying, and Beaches

Back in August I went to Ketchikan for two weeks to work. I stayed with my friend Katie and her glorious cat Bella and it was AWESOME. It was when I was having some life problems and it was nice to be around a girlfriend for two full weeks. I ended up working almost every day that I was there, which wasn't what I expected but it was really nice to earn some money and keep my mind busy.

One of the fun things I got to do was go on Promech's Neet's Bay bear tour. The planes fly out and drop people off at the Neet's Bay salmon hatchery where bears love to congregate. The bears are too busy gorging themselves on salmon to notice there's a bunch of people watching them, so it's good times for all! It was awesome that my dad was able to get me on one of his flights! The weather that day started out horribly rainy and eventually got super sunny and warm. In sum, it was a pretty darn good day and fun to hang out with my dad!

See the family resemblance? ;o) 

 Back Island submarine test facility

 Approaching Neet's Bay

 I ate crab on this houseboat in Nakat Inlet years ago! So surprised to see it here!

 Puck, our guide, explains "bear trees" to people. Bears like to scratch them, which gives information to the other bears, such as how big they are.

 A bear den

 Yay! We saw a bear!

 This guy hung out for just a little bit, checking out the creek. No salmon at this time, though!

The day that I was leaving I had time that morning to use Katie's car, so I drove to my two favorite beaches in Ketchikan, South Point Higgins and Refuge Cove, and spent some much needed thinking time there. It was another gorgeous Alaskan day, as you can see!

Even though I didn't hardly get to see people and have many adventures, it was still a GREAT trip! I can't believe it was my first trip home since I was there for a month last fall! I just can't wait to go back again. So much travel happening in the next year!

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