Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My South American and Antarctic Adventure!

I thought I'd share the details of the trip I'm planning on taking. I'm going to do the "Patagonia Experience and Quest for the Arctic Circle" and the "Easter Island Pre-Cruise Extension" tours through G Adventures. I have several friends who have done tours with G and they had great trips. I'm hoping to magically somehow be able to do the trip happening in February of 2013, but I'm fine if I don't have the money saved up (soon!) in order to at least book the trip. There is a fair amount of hiking, camping, and kayaking on this trip, which is why I chose it!

My trip will start with me flying into Santiago, Chile, and hopping on the boat to take me to Easter Island. I really want to go see the moai!

Image by Wiki user Aurbina.

I'll spend six days on the Easter Island expedition and will then head to Buenos Aires to then meet up with the rest of my group in Ushuaia.

The second day we'll be hiking around El Chalten, Argentina. There's lots of mountains and glaciers in the area.

Image by LongHornDave.

Fun fact: the mountain skyline in Patagonia's logo is of Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia. I'll be looking at it here!

Image by Martin St-Amant.

Image from Oregon Wild.

Hmmm...I guess I can see it...

We'll then be heading to the Moreno Glacier in Glacier National Park, Argentina.

Image by Wiki user Marianocecoswki.

We'll then spend a few days in the Torres de Pain National Park in Chile.

Image by Wiki user Miguel.V.

The three towers are the most famous pieces of the park:

Image by Wiki user Stevage.

We'll also be seeing the Grey Glacier in the park:

Image by Wiki user B1mbo.

We'll then head back to Argentina to Ushuaia to get ready to get on the M/S Expedition to head for Antarctica! We'll spend the next twelve days in transit. We'll head to Drake Passage, the Antarctic Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands, cross the Arctic Circle, and then head back to Ushuaia!

Photo by NASA.

During the Antarctic part of the tour I will be signing up for kayaking and camping. EXCITING!!! Not to mention the hoards of penguins, minke whales, leopard seals, and a bajillion types of birds that we'll be seeing!

Can you see why I'm so excited for this trip? :oD

I just need to work my tail off and get at least $11,000 before the last quad-cabin room fills up on the M/S Expedition (there are currently five left). I'm thinking I have maybe four months in which to do this. I also don't know if the camping and kayaking spots have filled up, because there are limited spots and they can go quickly. If there is no chance of kayaking or camping and I don't get one of the quad rooms I will wait until 2014 to do the trip. If I am spending the bucks to make this a huge month-long trip then I want to do it right and do everything I want to do!

I'm trying to save up as much money as I can, so if you live in Portland and know anyone that needs pet-sitting, house-sitting, house-cleaning, manual labor, errand-running, WHAT-EVER! Let me know. :o)

Frank wants to go to somewhere, too. Doesn't she deserve that?


  1. This looks pretty incredible! I hope you have your money saved up to go soon! ;) Can't wait to live vicariously through you.

  2. oh my goodness!
    i would love to go to antarctica

  3. I am SO excited, guys!!!! I have been working my tail off to try and figure out ways to get money for the trip. I just sold a bunch of stuff on eBay and have some cleaning and pet-sitting lined up, but I feel like a crazy girl going, "MORE! MORE!" I just really, really want to go in a year versus two years. :oD

  4. I wonder how many antarctica trips has NASA gone through?