Friday, January 27, 2012

Spending Fast: Day 27

Image from Izismile. :o)

Sorry I haven't really updated on the Spending Fast. We've been doing pretty good. It's relatively easy to not go wild at spending money when I have to tell myself that we don't really have the money to spend. On the other hand, we have been eating the same thing for days now and it would be nice to have a wee bit more spending money for that, but I'm fine. I do find myself eating a lot of toast and PB&J sandwiches on homemade bread. Filling and cheap! (And delicious!)

We did go over on our gas budget this month because we went up the mountain twice for playing in the snow, but I was able to save money in other areas, so it made up for it. I contacted both Progressive and Comcast about lowering our rates and it worked!

Also, since we recently got our electric bill I took a peek at it compared to last year at this time and I'm shocked! Last January we used 838kwh and this month we used 489. Quite a difference! I'm curious to see how it looks next month, too, since it will be a more complete month of usage (I technically started the spending fast about a week into January, I think). One thing that we still have to do fairly frequently is use the dehumidifier because our apartment gets really damp. I just noticed this morning that I need to leave it on more because there is a layer of condensation going about 1.5" up every window in the apartment. Not okay! So the dehumidifier is back on.

With the spending fast, it's still nice that I have my own spending money so I don't go completely crazy. It's nice that I've been able to treat Jonathan to beer a few times. I also just finished paying off my credit card bill (from buying some bras and my REI Endeavor pants) and can now start hoarding money for my trip again. I've managed to sell quite a bit of stuff on eBay and Amazon in the past couple of weeks and am going to be pet-sitting for two different friends in the next two weeks and am also hired to clean a house that some renters just moved out of so that it can be rented out again!

I also will soon be selling soaps at a shop here in town! More details to come as soon as they are figured out. I will also hopefully be helping a friend who has a booth at the Saturday Market during the weekends this spring and summer. I'm working really hard to come up with $6,194.84, which is the difference between how much I have saved now ($4,805.16) and $11,000, which is about how much paying for the preliminary part of my trip is going to be. Once I get it paid for I can know that I'm ACTUALLY GOING OMG and can then worry about the plane trip, travel insurance, and food/spending money later. (I have also been in contact with one of the travel officers for the trip and there are still lots of camping and kayaking spots available!)

But now! I need to get ready so I can head to work. I hope everyone has a great weekend and has lots of fun stuff planned!

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  1. For the grand exception of the Aeropress I purchased earlier this month, I have been on a spending fast, as well. I lowered my fixed rate bills by a $100 just at the right time because my electric bill has been $93 this month (my heat is electric and my apt is just so cold I tell myself is worth it). I also need to lower those bills so I can purchase healthier food to prepare my training.

    I did spend $75 today in shoes for my mom, Oregon treats for our trip to Vegas and food at Pambiche because Mami wanted to eat there. So, okay. It's money I spend on my mom which is fine I guess, right? :)

    But I am glad we are being very conscious about spending and how we view out material possessions. My friend Linnea (have you ever met her?) is half Swedish and she says there is a saying in Sweden that goes: "Just Enough is Best". I love it.