Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm feeling so fly like a G-6

Yesterday was kind of a slow day. I had my colposcopy at noon and scheduled the LEEP for my birthday in two weeks. UGH. I can't do much that I like to do for a few weeks after I've had the LEEP, so I scheduled it right before I go to Ketchikan, so I won't be able to do those things anyway. After I got home I took a long nap, which was nice.

This is a crazy next few weeks. I'm still waiting to hear back from Old Navy to see if I am hired for a seasonal position. I tried calling the gal again today but was on hold for half an hour. I'll try again tomorrow night. I was supposed to hear back yesterday but didn't. Part of me thinks this might be a good thing? I just want to make money to support my SmartWool habit!!!!

Today I am driving to work because I have some errands to run right after work and then I have to take Halo to the vet at 6pm. I'm finally taking pants to get hemmed! Five pairs! Two pairs of yummy warm corduroys and three pairs of Old Navy khakis. I have been needing these pants hemmed for so long. I can't believe it's taken this long. I hate that it has. It will be like having a whole new wardrobe!

On Saturday I have a few hours at Opaline Spa for a mini spa day. I'll be doing an hour of reiki, an hour-long massage, and then a body wrap with herbs and oils and yummy stuff. Should be awesome!

Earlier this week I revamped my Twitter. I feel kinda lame even putting this in writing, but my Twitter feed was full of people who seemed very holier-than-thou and everyone patted every one else's back, who was in the little cool person circle. Certain people I had met in person multiple times before never remembered me and it was just bizarre. So I deleted 100+ people and added some awesome people who were more like me and care more about things that I care about. So now when I read my Twitter feed it's vastly more interesting. People actually have conversations with me. I feel like I am making new friends. I know some of you are rolling your eyes and are thinking, "Oh, my gosh, stop being so dumb, Brittany. It's just TWITTER!" but I really enjoy talking to people and if people don't talk back to me and I can choose who I want to interact with, well, I'm going to do that.

Okay, I'm done talking about Twitter.

If I do end up getting the Old Navy job I wouldn't be able to go to Jonathan's parents' house to spend the holidays with them, so we either may or may not be going to visit them this weekend. I need to find out so I know what's going on! That's the most frustrating part of not hearing from them. I would be so bummed if I didn't get to spend Thanksgiving with them! But I could really use the money to take care of school, so we'll see.

Here's two pictures I took with ShakeIt the other morning on my way to work. I love fall in Oregon!

 The color gradient on this tree is just AWESOME!

This was an accidental photo of leaves, but it looks neat! Like shooting stars.

I am so, so, so excited to go to Ketchikan in 16 days!! Whoo hoooooo!!! I can't wait to be at the coffee shop, have fun at the fire department Christmas party with my super and awesome and fun date, see all of my friends, do some hiking, eat all the fresh seafood I can stand, take pictures, and just go crazy! I just want to explode into little bits of happiness. It's kind of gross.

And, yes, I will be wearing my beloved SmartWool all the while...

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  1. It's fun to follow the events and emotions of your life. I like blogs where people are open about themselves. Keep up the good work!