Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July Spring Break

Yesterday started out with me being whiny about not having anything cool to do for the day. While I did get our apartment spotlessly clean, I was feeling pretty bummed because cleaning isn't exactly how I wanted to spend the Fourth. I decided that it would be worth it to spend a wee bit of side-hustle money and go to Hood River for a few hours with Jonathan and have a nice time. I really wanted some of Double Mountain's legendary pizza! He got home around 2:30pm and we headed out. The drive through the Gorge was beautiful! We got to DM and it wasn't too full at all. We got our pizza and beer and it was good!

There started to be a LOT of people with kids in the pub, so we decided to head to Full Sail. For some reason, every single time we've been to Full Sail (except for once) we have been seated at the same table! It has a great view of the river. I had a baby beer there and we shared one of their fabulous brownies. Heading home, we watched the sun get lower in the sky. Our original plan was to go watch fireworks, but by the time home we were exhausted. I changed into pajamas and read a few chapters of Joel Salatin's "Folks, This Ain't Normal." Going to bed at my normal bedtime was awesome, although I'm bummed I didn't see fireworks. Overall, it was the best Fourth of July that I've had that I've spent in Portland!

Not the greatest picture, but Multnomah Falls! 

Best. Pizza. Ever. 

I love places that have baby beers! I don't need a big one! 

I love that there are two great Oregonian breweries less than a block from each other. 

 Kite surfers!

 I love Full Sail's entrance...

 Heading home!


  1. That brownie looks offensively good.

    1. The brownie was PERFECT OMG. I am not a big sweets person but this thing was so perfect. It had chunks of chocolate in it, was covered in Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream, and had caramel sauce swizzled all around it. We got it to share because I don't really need to eat a whole brownie bonanza by myself! It was super yummy, though!