Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eco-Friendly Finds as of Recent Time

As you know, Jonathan and I have been working on switching out what we use regularly to more eco-friendly options. We've made a few more changes along the way, so I thought I'd share them.

Eco-Friendly Find #1 and #2: Preserve's Razor and Toothbrush

I've briefly mentioned both of these before, but now that I've been using them, they are AWESOME. The razor fits neatly in my tiny girl hand and is good for shaving because the head on it isn't huge. My last razor had a big blade thingie and it never gave me a very good shave. Whatevs, sucka! So when I ran out of refills for it I got this baby. I love it. It's made out of recyclable plastic, so when I'm done with it I can toss it in the bin. Love that!

This toothbrush rocks! Also made from recycled plastic, it comes with a pre-paid mailer so I can mail it back to the company. I was a little weirded out at first by the backbend in the toothbrush, but now I have changed my thinking. This toothbrush perfectly enables you to brush behind your front teeth and get the ones alllllll the way in the back. My mouth not only feels cleaner when I'm done brushing with this toothbrush, but it also feels cleaner for a longer amount of time.

I got both the razor and the toothbrush at the Alberta Co-op but you can also find them in a lot of other stores, or can order them directly from the Preserve website.

Eco-Friendly Find #3: Mason Jars for Food Storage

I admit, I'm a little slow to the uptake on this one. We have been wanting to switch over from our plastic tuppies to glass containers for a long time, but glass ones are so friggin expensive. I just can't afford and don't want to pay $7 for a single small glass container. Then it occurred to me that, DUH, Mason jars are cheap and are exactly what I'm looking for! I tweeted about it, to which Kim replied that she and her friends have been doing this for ages. That's why I am a little slow on this one. :o)

I got some one pint jars at the co-op for $.99 each and a couple quart-sized jars for $1.19. They work awesomely and are perfect for me to take soup to work with me in my bike panniers, which is what sparked my whole "WHAT IF I PUT IT IN A MASON JAR?!??!?!" thought in the first place. I'd had a soup-spilling-scare in my panniers and I paid enough for those puppies that I do not want soup all over them.

As you can see by my picture, you can even put roasted veggie leftovers in the jars. Amazing.

Eco-Friendly Find #4: My Locally-Made Shampoo Bar

Remember I mentioned wanting a locally made shampoo bar and I couldn't find one? Well, my friend Holly found one made right here in town, by Lora's Beauty! At only $3, you can't go wrong. This soap smells so good, too! And it has yummy things like beer and honey in it. I have been using it for almost a week now and my hair looks great! It looks the same as when I use regular shampoo, so that, to me, is pretty successful, in my opinion. My hair is fine, thin, and brown-ish, so I'm not looking for magic.

I give this bar two thumbs up! Plus, Jonathan is trying to steal it from me. I can't help it. It's pretty nice.

Pretty excited about this stuff! I'd love to hear any one else's eco-friendly finds they've been enjoying lately!


  1. That's awesome! I had a similar though about how I should look into glass containers instead of using plastic tupperware, but I figured they'd be super expensive. Mason jars never even crossed my mind, so you're at least not slower on the uptake than I am! Maybe I can start saving my pasta sauce and jam jars for containers, too..

  2. One of my new goals is to start purchasing eco friendly items as I go along now. Clothes. Beauty products. Ect. With that said, I want that soap!

  3. Hello, ladies! :o)

    Emily, yes, those containers are really expensive! Plus, I just don't trust them throwing them into my bag, but with the mason jars they're totally sealed. And cheap! I have had zero problems so far.

    Emalise, you should totally get the soap! It smells so good! Plus, it should last for awhile. Holly also got me the little wooden soap dish that the lady offers in her soap store and it's pretty nice, too. Awesome for you to make the decision to start buying eco-friendly products! What kind of things are you buying and using now? I love hearing about what other people do. :o)

    P.S. Also looking forward to checking out both of your's blogs when I'm at home later tonight!

  4. I'm impressed! We use those toothbrushes but other than that you've got me beat! :) Thanks for posting this, always good to get new ideas!

  5. I love getting new ideas from other people, too! Sometimes things are super easy, but it's just stuff I've never thought about (like the mason jars). Any tips you'd like to share?

  6. You're not THAT slow on the uptake... I think "forever" could not possibly translate to more than 2 years, and I'm 99% positive I got the idea from a blogger. :-)

    Also, if Halo is the type of Kitty that likes to play with long thin things, or plastic things, be careful with your razor! :-) Two days ago I left mine on the bathroom counter. When I came home a few hours later the blade part was on the bathroom floor and I couldn't find the handle ANYWHERE. Trav was in the field, so the cats were clearly the culprit...but it seemed to have vanished. Yesterday, when Trav got home he found it in his dry suit bag. :-) (Our cats are also cat bags- and simply can't resist any open bag!)

  7. Halo is really more like living furniture, since she's so old. ;o) If she's not sleeping she's yowling, trying to steal your lap, or staring at you with intensity. She hasn't played in years, although we do have a feather toy that she has attempted to play with a little bit. I think her arthritis keeps her from doing the things she used to do.

    Aw, kitties in bags are cute! I'm so glad you joined the Cat Spy Flickr group. Ha ha! I have SO many pictures of cat spies. It's kind of dorky.