Monday, March 11, 2013

Minimizing and Decorating Our Living Room, Bedroom, and Spare Bedroom

Hello, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had a GREAT time at Jonathan's parents' house and I will have photos up shortly!

As I mentioned last week, I've bought some new stuff for the apartment lately. I've been doing some minimizing and getting rid of stuff, but then sometimes it means I need to get some different stuff that makes sense with how things are getting decorated. Let me explain...

A few years ago we bought this giant rolling record player stand with a bunch of storage. It takes up a lot of room in our spare bedroom. When we moved in together, Jonathan had a TON of records. Only thing is, he didn't have a record player, and we haven't had a way to play all these records we've now been storing for half a decade. Last week he weeded through all the records and got rid of a bunch of them he didn't care to keep anymore.

(Like this many! SO PROUD OF HIM!!)

Thanks to Ravyn's posts, I knew I wanted to get us the same record player her and Jimmy have, the Crosley CR249. We had recently moved around our living room in order to combine a bunch of things. I was able to put the records and CDs that had been living in the giant rolling stand into the credenza. Instead of having our fish tank, which will be set up in the next couple months, on a separate metal stand, I put that on top of the credenza, too. The random stuff that has also been living in boxes on the record stand will be going in two of these puppies:

and then into this in our living room, with the records we are keeping living in the two bottom spaces:

I have been lusting after this thing for quite awhile, but I can't justify almost $50 (which includes shipping) on a thing that just holds other things while they charge.

Luckily, I was able to find just a two slot one for $25 on eBay and free shipping. It doesn't have the front phone charging area, which is fine because Jonathan and I use our phones as our alarm clocks and they charge in our bedroom. So this thing will hold Mackie and Pigeon (my laptop and iPad - yes, they have names!) while they charge on top of that Expedit shelf. 

Meanwhile, we can now sell the giant rolling record player stand on CraigsList (which is going to be SO MUCH FUN) and then when that's gone I can move my dresser from our bedroom into the spare bedroom and then I'll have a bunch more space in our bedroom.

I'd love to get one of these to put in the corner of our bedroom or maybe something like this, but it's not totally necessary, just pretty!

Meanwhile, back in the living room, since our tv had been sitting on top of the credenza, we decided to use our present coffee table as a tv stand and then got a different coffee table, which I am in love with.

I also have several pieces of art to hang, which I am hoping to do this week. I am having a Naked Lady Party on Sunday and I'd love for things to be as done as they can be.

Art and pretties at our place:

Hopefully later this week I'll have pictures of our apartment all spiffed up!


  1. LOVE!! I love that organizer. We have the same shelf for our records/player, and it works wonderfully. There's even extra room on the top. I want to see your place!

    1. Are you able to come to the Naked Lady Party this weekend? If not, you'll just have to come over sometime! We're actually going to put the record player on the credenza, but I'm happy to know it doesn't take up a whole lot of space. I love our place! It's very Brittany, ha!

  2. We have that bridges poster too!

    1. Oh, that's awesome! How did you frame it? There are SO many people I know of with this poster and it seems like everyone has framed it differently!

  3. I've been looking for a glass buoy to decorate with FOREVER--looks like you've found a small one!

    1. I totally cheated, though! All my life in Alaska I never found any floats while beachcombing, so I ordered some from AK Catkeeper on Etsy. She's also in AK and is in a better part of the state for finding things from Japan. I'm from the Panhandle, so not as much makes it through the islands. You can check out her floats here: