Friday, October 29, 2010

Things I'm loving lately

This week has been a whirlwind. I'm so glad it's finally settling down some! I'm looking forward to this weekend because I'm going to get coffee with Nicolle, have a dog party with Carmen, do some apartment cleaning, and run some errands. Nice and low key! Sadly, I'm still not planning on going out for Halloween. I have been excited all year for it (it's my favorite holiday), but this past month was too much for me and I don't have my costume put together. So next year I will be super fabulous and be the character I was super excited to be this year. (Can't tell you who it is, though!)

I'm also really excited to be helping Jessica of Angel Face Botanicals. I helped her out a few hours on Wednesday night and had so much fun! If you order a Juicy Citrus Shower Steamer any time soon there is a good chance I assembled your package for you. ;o) It was two hours of smelling YUMMY citrus scent and herbs. Time flew by! I'm really looking forward to helping Jessica more as she needs me throughout November and December. (I did get sample sizes of her Lavender Mist Toner to spray on my face throughout the day for an aromatherapy pick-me-up when I'm at my desk, Angel's Balm Body Butter Scrub, and Ayurvedic Cleansing Grains. Um, wow. I used the scrub and the grains this morning in the shower and I can easily say I started this day feeling like a million bucks!)

Here's a few things that I've been loving lately... (besides the AFB products!)

Excitement #1: Skeem Candles

Image from here.

Skeem candles are pretty darn nice. I like heavily scented candles and Skeem's candles are just that, without being overpowering. My most favorite scent is the Verbena Nasturtium because it smells like candy. I also really like the Sweet Pea and Vanilla and the Grapefruit Zest (which is over 50% off right now!!). The candles come in pretty glass jars that you can reuse once the wax is gone. I put mine in my bathroom and hold my Q-Tips, toothbrushes, and cotton pads in them. They're great!

The only thing I don't love about the candles is that they get sooty easily. You have to make sure you trim the wick before you light them because they'll smoke. Because they come with covers, when you blow the candles out you can put the cover on and smoke won't get everywhere. A minor inconvenience for such a yummy product, but that's okay.

Excitement #2: Soynog

Image from here.

Soynog is one of my most favorite things about the holiday season! It's like eggnog, only with less bad stuff (like HFCS aka "corn sugar"...) in it. Soynog is like magic. I really don't know what else to say about it except that it's good and you should try it. Plus, it's only 90 calories a serving versus like 150+ or something. I would also be willing to be it is good with rum in it, although I haven't tried it. (If you would like to obtain some rum and invite me over for "proper" soynogs, there is a good chance I will take you up on the offer.)

P.S. For some reason, Silk's website is down right now, otherwise I'd link to it. Yes, I know all about them being sneaky and going from organic to not, but they're still non-GMO and I'm down with it. Let me and my soynog be!

Excitement #3: River Organics' Lavender Moisture Cream

Image from here.

When I was at Opaline on Saturday, Anna gave me a sample of River Organics' Lavender Moisture Cream for me to try. Oh, my gosh. It is lavenderlicious. Also, since I've started to use it in the morning, I've noticed that my face doesn't get as oily throughout the day. I normally have really oily skin and a sheen that starts about an hour after I've put my makeup on. Since using this I am still patting the oil off my face throughout the day, but overall my skin is looking better and the oil sheen is not even nearly as bad as it used to be.

Another thing I am loving about this cream is that I have to use barely any. I'm not sure how big the sample size is. Maybe an ounce? I'm thinking it will at least last me the rest of the year, if not longer, and I use it twice a day.

And yet ANOTHER thing I love about River Organics is that they're a local company, so I feel good about buying such an awesome product locally. When I have some money (ha ha ha haaaa ;o) I'm going to get some of their Lemon Micro Scrub. It ROCKS.

Excitement #4: Yogi Tea

Image from here.

Yogi Tea is another locally company that I'm totally in love with. They're based out of Eugene, OR, and most of their tea is organic. What's not to love? I particularly like their Peach Detox, Ginger (which is especially good with some lemon juice and honey added - also, you can use the tea bags two or three times and still get a good amount of flavor), and Chai Rooibos teas, although I have liked every tea of theirs that I've tried.

P.S. I'm at their website now and WOW. Did not realize they had SO many kinds of tea! So impressed! Now I gotta start looking for certain ones. YUM!

I hope you've enjoyed reading another Friday's worth of things I'm loving lately. I'd love to hear some things you're loving, as well!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. To everyone that donated on Thursday to Halo Cat's donation fund: THANK YOU!!! We've earned $100 out of $600 so far. YOU ROCK! I am so grateful to have such awesome friends, blog readers, coffee shop customers, and perfect strangers. ;o) If you feel like donating, even just a few dollars will help offset Halo's veterinary bills she's accrued in the past week. We go back in on November 11 to find out how her levels are with her insulin, how her UTI is (if it's gone from the antibiotics), and how her ear infection is (hopefully gone, too!). If we somehow earn more than $600 by November 11, any money after that is going to pay for the new vet bill. We shouldn't have to go back to the vet for awhile after that, thank goodness!

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