Thursday, October 7, 2010

We're thisclose to the weekend!

Happy October! We've made it almost the first week! Hooray!

What a week. Yesterday I had my first flat tire on my bike. Luckily, I was a mile away from work, so I was able to walk Eleanor there and we made it safely home during lunchtime. Later that night Jonathan was showing me how to patch my tube but then realized that I actually had a hole in the outer part, so now I need a new tire. He's thinking when I went over the streetcar tracks on Saturday and my tire got stuck in them that the wound happened then and it's just now to the breaking point. Sad! Poor Eleanor! So I'm bummed about that, but she'll get fixed up and we'll be riding to and from work again in no time.

 Image from here.

Tuesday night I went to the Oregon Archaeological Society's monthly meeting. (I'm a member, you know. :o) The talk was about Ishi, the last member of the Yahi, a subgroup of the Yani tribe. Cliff Notes Version of his life: All of the rest of his people died and he was the last remaining member, so he came out to the white men in 1911 (who had moved into his territory) and lived the rest of his life with them. He didn't ever learn much English. I found this interesting website that has more info and differing thoughts about Ishi. I'm looking forward to doing some research into his life! I want to read this book, now that I've heard it mentioned.

Tuesday night also marked the first time Jonathan came with me to OMSI to attend the OAS meeting. I am always one of the youngest people in attendance, so it was nice to have someone else with me, as I've always gone alone. He said it was the last time he'd ever go because, "It wasn't that thrilling." Okay, so the speaker jumped around a bit and didn't seem to have a total grasp on the use of PowerPoint, but that is fine with me. :o) History doesn't have to be thrilling! I do appreciate his going with me, even if he never does it again. (But if YOU want to go, the OAS meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at 7:45pm in the OMSI planetarium building.)

This is a dorky picture Jonathan took of me on our way home from OMSI around 9:20pm. I'm wearing his arm warmers, which are meant to be worn with a sleeved shirt, so that you don't have the dorky "shown shoulder" look. It's sassy. I'm rocking it.

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  1. I LOVED this post! I really wish we lived closer. I would totally be there with you at the OAS! I just love history, but haven't really had the chance to enjoy it in a long time.

    Great picture too by the way! Stay safe especially when your wearing all black at night...:o)