Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jewelry, coffee, and books - what more does a girl need?

 Image from here. Check out that gorgeous necklace!

I'm a little excited because my friend Jenn finally got her Etsy store up and going! As you may recall, I bought two pairs of earrings and a necklace from her when I visited Ketchikan in September. She's still working on adding things to the shop, so it is definitely worth checking back! When I was there I got to see allllllll of the earrings and other fun jewelry she has made. If you're in town, she sells at the Exploration Gallery and The Point.

 Image from here.
I gotta mention these earrings, too, because I have seen them (and their matching necklace) in real life and they are SO beautiful!

P.S. You can "like" Jenn's Zen on Facebook, too, for updates and general awesomeness.

 THRILLED, apparently.

I'm also excited about this month because October means Witches Brew is our coffee of the month! Witches Brew has been one of my top favorite coffees of ours because it's super dark and really, really good. Usually I prefer medium roasts, but there's something about this coffee that is SO gosh darn great. It's like the epitome of the best ever dark roast. We only sell this coffee in October and on Friday the 13ths, so it's like Witches Brew frenzy when October comes around at the coffee shop. People buy 15 and 20lbs of it at a time. I stock up, myself, too.

Speaking of, I am so excited for December to go to Ketchikan! I always come back with a suitcase full of coffee and it smells awesome. I can't wait to see my Ketchikan friends! I'll be there two months from today!

Image from here.

I ordered a book yesterday that I've been wanting to read. It's Shopping for Porcupine by Seth Kantner. I always buy my books used through Amazon or I got the book for $4, plus $3.99 shipping, so not too shabby! I love that he is wearing Athabaskan goggles on the cover, because I think they are so cool.

Halfway to the weekend! Thank goodness.

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