Thursday, September 16, 2010

Team Brittanathan B.C. and Alaska Trip, Volume 3

Oh, my gosh, guys, Tuesday was amazing. Our flightseeing trip was breathtaking. I haven't been flying in a floatplane in a couple of years, sadly, and Dave, our pilot, did not disappoint. Jonathan and I were both blown away at how awesome the trip was and I think Dave had a great time, too. Plus, my friend Amy works for Dave and he told her to come with us, so she was able to come have a great time, too! It's good to get out of the office once in awhile, right? Our flightseeing trip was going to take us through Misty Fjords, off to see glaciers, and then a stop somewhere along the way.

Dave's plane, a Cessna 185. Love it!!

We got to Family Air at noon, but our flight wasn't until 12:30, so we hung out on the dock and watched airplanes for awhile.

My friend Amy, who also works at the coffee shop, is Dave's everything. She's the office manager, takes reservations, shuttles people from the ship to the dock, preps the plane (that's her in the picture Pledging the windows of the plane - it's done because airplane windows are plexiglass and the Pledge fills the little microscopic cracks and makes it so you can see!), so pretty much everything! She's a hard worker and I know Dave appreciates it, because he had a little surprise for her. He had asked us previously if we minded if she came along. Of course we don't mind! I was even more excited that she got to come with us! So right as she was getting ready to push us off he said, "Well, you're coming with us, aren't you? Get in the plane!" YAY! She happily hopped in and we were off!

My view from the back right seat as we took off

Looking down Dixon Entrance

This is known as "The Wall" for obvious reasons. So gorgeous!

We're looking for mountain goats. They hang out on mountains like these.

Big Goat Lake

 Tiny (well, it only looks tiny) glacial lake

Getting to the glaciers. We're at around 5,000 feet, maybe?

I wish I could convey how vividly BLUE this lake is.

I interrupt these photos of scenery to show you a picture of myself with Dick Clark's on.

Resume scenic shots. I'm just going to tell you now there are a whole lot of pictures of ice coming up.
But it's COOL ice.

Stina, I'm in Canada now! Do you see me? :o) I'm pointing at you!

The next pictures are going to be a billion pictures of crevasses, because they're so frikken cool. Again, just to warn you there are MORE pictures of ice coming up. (But it's neat, POINTY ice! ;o)

Okay, no more pictures of ice. I promise.

Amy and I: Ice lovers!

A perfect landing in Ladeux Lake (spelling?)

We explored and relaxed for a long time. It was the perfect afternoon! Amy is up by the waterfall near us.

I climbed a large hill and got a picture of Dave fishing for trout. He caught one within five minutes of casting. It was amazingly quick! (Hi, shadow!)

One of the rainbow trout Dave caught. (He was releasing them.)

Amy's trout! This could totally be one of Family Air's promo photos.

Then it was my turn!

Sadly, I caught no trout. But I still enjoyed myself!

I love the jade green of the glacial water in the river here.

Where glacial water meets sea water.

On our way back we flew by Eddystone Rock. My great (great?) uncle is Emery Tobin, who started Alaska Magazine in 1935. His ashes are somewhere on Eddystone.

Not too shabby of a place to be laid to rest!

Back at town. Ketchikan is so pretty in the sunshine!

Thomas Basin area

Downtown-ish and one of the three cruise ships that was in

Some of the waterfront

After we got back to town we headed to the Arctic for a beer on the deck in the sunshine. One of my favorite summer things to do!

Alaskan Amber and Alaskan White: delicious!

Beer, I love you

After we left the Arctic we headed to the Rainbird Trail, my favorite in Ketchikan. It was made only maybe five or six years ago (?) and is an awesome spot to walk through the woods for awhile on a beautiful trail and it's right in the middle of town, so it takes minutes to get to. I have SO many pictures taken from the Rainbird Trail!

And THAT, my friends, was our Tuesday in Ketchikan. An amazing day that I'll never forget!

If anyone is seeing all of the pictures I've been taking on the trip, they're all in this album

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