Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Team Brittanathan B.C. and Alaska Trip, Volume 2

Wow! Another beautiful morning in Ketchikan. It's Tuesday morning and I'm sitting here with Icky snuggled up with me on the couch. We are supposed to have nothing but temps in the high 60s all this week, which is such a surprise for September. It has been beautiful! Yesterday was such a great day. I got to go to a bunch of places I love, see a bunch of people I love, and eat food that I love!

First off, let me post the pictures I took Sunday night as we were on the ferry, heading to Ketchikan. The sunsets out on the water are amazing with the amount of color. And we saw whales!

This was on the underside of the bar on the Taku. Neat!

This was in one of the ceiling lights.


More whales!

We got to Ketchikan and got off the boat around 10:45pm. We headed up to my friends' house, which was so nice. Finally we made it! A chance to relax! I slept so well that night.

Monday morning we got up and headed to the New York Cafe for brunch. The New York is my absolute favorite place to eat lunch. The food is good and they always have a great tap selection. Only bad part is the amount of tourists during the day. (There were three ships in. *shudder*) But it was well worth it. I got to see my friend Melissa and she made us some delicious caprese paninis and Jonathan had some awesome salmon chowder. Unfortunately there are no pics because I pretty much inhaled half of my panini. I was so hungry.

After we left the New York we walked next door to visit Janine at Ketchikan Dry Goods, my favorite shop in Ketchikan. Janine always has a great supply of clothes, fun housewares, cute stuff for kids, and, best of all, her awesome jewelry! I've been a huuuge fan of Janine's jewelry for years now. It's neat to see how her jewelry has evolved. She's now doing bigger designs and also makes some cool enameled jewelry. She doesn't sell jewelry online, but I believe you can contact her to custom order jewelry that you may have seen on her fan page. She's just an awesome person with a great family and it was such a treat to see them yesterday. Plus, I got to meet her new baby, Lili, who is so stinkin' cute! (And was wearing her brother's socks...)

I got these earrings at the shop. They're a little hard to see with the background, but I couldn't find anywhere to take a good picture. They're really pretty! There's another pair with green stones that I've been thinking about and may go back for...

I also got these earrings from Ivy Rose, another local who makes awesome jewelry! I am totally in love with these. They're long! (Burt's Bees added for scale.) I think they're cedar with green stones. LOVE!!

After we left Ketchikan Dry Goods we headed to Soho Coho to show Ray a rip-off of his work that we found. When we were in Quesnel we were at Granville Coffee and they had a painted picture of their version of Ray's work that he did for Raven's Brew on their wall. Not okay! So I wanted to make sure he knew about it.

This is the picture I took.

This is what Ray did for Raven's Brew. (Picture from Raven's Brew's site.)

While at Soho Coho I got to see Paula! It is always such a treat to visit Ketchikan and say hi to her. If you're in Ketchikan you should stop by and say hi. Jonathan got to meet Ray while we were there, so that was cool, too. We have so many awesome local artists! Ketchikan is really blessed in that regard.

After we left Soho Coho we headed upstairs to say hi to Maggie and visit Parnassus, one of the local bookstores downtown. I love Parnassus! I ended up getting three books: A Long Trek Home: 4000 Miles by Boot, Raft and Ski, Where the Sea Breaks Its Back: The Epic Story of Early Naturalist Georg Steller and the Russian Exploration of Alaska, and Polar Journeys: The Role of Food and Nutrition in Early Exploration (ACS Symposium Series). You can sense a theme, can't you? ;o)

We also went to the bank to get money for our flightseeing trip, coffees from the Pourhouse, and face wash from Rain Country Nutrition. We then headed to the other side of town to visit Brian and Frank, some of my firefighter friends, at Station 2, but right as we were almost about to get there, we saw them drive by in a snazzy-looking fire truck (that is new to me). A new Engine 2, I'm guessing?

Since we couldn't visit them at Station 2 we headed out to the coffee shop to say hi to Steve. YAY! We visited with him for awhile and picked up a bag of the Sumatra Lintong, our coffee of the month. It's delicious! We also picked up some beer at the liquor store next to the coffee shop. I love one stop shopping for my favorite beverages. ;o)

We were heading back to the house when I got a call from my friend Brooke(her blog and her Etsy), who said she was at her studio. I'm buying one of her Alaska flag pouches, so I wanted to stop by and pay for it. We visited with her for a little over an hour, which was awesome! It was cool to see her son again (who is sooo funny and a great kid) and see her studio. Afterward we went back to the house to relax for an hour before we were heading back out to go to dinner at my favorite place in Ketchikan for dinner: Annabelle's!

We met up with my friend Myrna, one half of Myurgen (relationship name of her and Jurgen, much like Jonathan and I are Team's good to have a name). I hadn't seen her since May, so it was sooo good to see her! Sadly, Jurgen was home sick, but we're all hopefully going to go to dinner on Thursday night, so he better rest up and feel better! (Jurgen, if you read this, that's an order.)

Myrna and I shared my favorite meal that I get now that I'm a visitor to Ketchikan. Now that I live down south I rarely get to eat halibut because it's so darn expensive. When I lived in Ketchikan I knew enough people that I always had a fresh supply of halibut, salmon, rockfish, shrimp, etc. Not bragging, that's just the way it is in SE! There's always fish to spare and share. :o) So now that I don't get to eat at Annabelle's all the time like I used to, I have to get my favorite thing every time: their blue cheese encrusted halibut. IT IS AMAZING. Luckily, it is also Myrna's favorite, so we shared it. Awww!

The picture is a little dark, sadly. Even though Myrna and I were splitting the fish, it was still a good-sized piece. And it was just as delicious as it always is! We all shared creme brulee for dessert, because I also can't go to Annabelle's and not get creme brulee. Ahhh, I love food!

Not much happened after we left Annabelle's. We came back to the house and relaxed. This morning I woke up, made coffee, and snuggled with the cats. I get to wake Jonathan up in another hour so we can get some food and go flying!! Definitely some good pictures to come later!

If anyone is seeing all of the pictures I've been taking on the trip, they're all in this album.

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