Friday, September 17, 2010

Team Brittanathan B.C. and Alaska Trip, Volume 4

As I type this I am sitting on the deck of our rental out north. It's almost 8:30am on Thursday morning and I've been sipping coffee and Bailey's while listening to an eagle shrieking at something (or someone) for almost an hour now. When I first got up there was a raven tormenting the eagle, flying around it quickly, and a seagull standing further back, shrieking at the both of them. It was classic Ketchikan bird behavior. The birds moved before I could get my camera, but the eagle has apparently "won" and has been hanging out down on a float for awhile. I had four Stellar's jays around me a little bit ago and then two very curious squirrels. I've watched boats and airplanes go by, heard two geese calling back and forth to each other, and then some other little birdie noises I didn't recognize. It is an Alaskan bonanza happening right now!

Two skiffs on the water. Morning at our rental.

 Deer Mountain, yesterday morning around 6am.

Yesterday was another great day on our trip. We didn't really have any plans, other than that we had to pick up the keys to the rental at 12:30pm. Easy enough. I got up and drove out to my friend Jenn's house to pick up a necklace I bought from her. I got to meet her wonderful sister and we chatted for almost an hour before I had to head back to the house and get Jonathan up so we could be on time.

Necklace from Jenn! I love it! (Check out her stuff here!)

We got all of our stuff packed up and headed to Ketchikan Dry Goods so I could check out Janine's new scarves that she'd gotten in since I was there on Monday. (I am an addict. Yes, I realize this.) I picked up a scarf for me and found some presents for the two special ladies who are watching our pets while we're out of town! (Thank you, Andi and Nicolle!!) After shopping we headed to Burger Queen to get burgers. Yes, in Ketchikan we have a Burger QUEEN. I always get the same thing there: the Lahaina burger. It's chicken breast with teriyaki sauce, cheddar, and a grilled pineapple. It is SO good!!

We drove out north to meet up with Rudy and get the keys. Ketchikan is apparently undergoing a massive highway straightening and widening out north. Construction everywhere! It took extra time to get out there but we made it and got the keys. Guys, this rental is way better than I even thought it would be. And I had some high hopes, but this is SO nice!! The bed is so cushy and comfy. The kitchen has everything we need. The deck has an awesome view and is just all around great.

I really couldn't have asked for a better place to stay! I'm really thankful that we got to spend a couple nights housesitting, since the drive out here is a long one, but it really is nice to have this time, too. I would hope that anyone visiting Ketchikan would stay out here.

We got our stuff moved into the rental and then headed to meet my friend Brian out at Connell Lake, a man-made lake out north with one of my favorite trails going around part of it.

We're so cute. I know it. ;o)

Banana slug

Stellar's jay butt. He turned around at the last minute.

It's hard to see this, but there are a bajillion huckleberries on this bush. There are huckleberries EVERYWHERE right now! It's awesome!


Brian at the lake

After we left Connell Lake we headed back to the rental for a bit and then went back into town later to eat at Oceanview with Melissa and Will. Will was in my grade in school and when I first met his wife Melissa back in May I loved her immediately. She is a hoot! She is my token Mexican friend. (Inside joke alert!) We had a very Hispanic time! (IJA #2!) After dinner Jonathan and I came back to the rental and relaxed. I love this relaxing part!

So now I'm still sitting here, enjoying this absolutely beautiful morning. The eagle is still out front, now behind a tree so I can't see it, but it's still screaming every so often. There was a squirrel vs. raven thing not too long ago. Today's plan is to go to Refuge Cove (my favorite beach) and then hike the Dude Mountain trail. Later a bunch of us are meeting at Annabelle's for dinner and then maybe drinks afterward. All in all, I can tell it's going to be another great day. :o)

If anyone is seeing all of the pictures I've been taking on the trip, they're all in this album

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