Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Team Brittanathan B.C. and Alaska Trip, Volume 1

Wow! We have been having a great time on our trip so far. As I write this it is Sunday evening and I am sipping an Alaskan Amber on the M/V Taku, one of the ferries of the Alaska Marine Highway. We still have four and a half more hours to go until we dock in Ketchikan, so I thought I'd use that time to get some blogging done!

We left Portland around 8:30am on Friday and drove to Clinton.

In the car, and we're off!

Warning: it's picture heavy. You know me!

The Canada border! Took us maybe four hours to get this far? Maybe a bit longer.

The drive was a very pretty one and the terrain soon changed from looking like typical "Pacific NW" trees into something looking like the southwest. It was really neat to see!

We were heading to the Cariboo Lodge, which was awesome! We had celebratory Cariboo Ambers and delicious poutine.

Cariboo beer. The only beer vaguely resembling a microbrew that we found. It's made in Prince George.

Glasses of Cariboo that we enjoyed with dinner

The inside of the lodge's pub

Fireplace area

YUM. BBQ pork sandwich with poutine. It was sooo good.

Lodge sign at night

Lodge from the daytime. Pretty!

Saturday morning we got back on the road around 8am to head to Smithers.

We made it to Smithers and got situated at the Fireweed Motel.

We found a place to eat that sounded good, the Alpenhorn, which was also conveniently located five blocks from our motel! We walked over there and saw the ladder truck from the Smithers Volunteer Fire Department. Yay!

The man playing the Alpenhorn is apparently the symbol of Smithers. I must do more research and find out about him!

This morning we got up and headed toward Prince Rupert. Another beautiful drive!

Here's a few pictures we took upon arriving in Prince Rupert:

And upon leaving:

This gave me hope for the ferry ride:

We haven't had good beer in British Columbia. No offense to those who like it, but I prefer something heftier with a bit more flavor.

So I was real excited to get these:

It was a beautiful evening as we left. There's a fishing boat paralleling us:

There are pictures of whales that we took last night. We ended up seeing at least twenty whales total. It was amazing! Most whales I have ever seen in one shabang. (Of course, this is because I was moving and they were moving, so not surprising.) I'll put those pictures up later, possibly for another blog post. The sky was really pretty last night, too!

So far this trip has been amazing! As I write this part it is now Monday morning and I'm sitting with Icky next to me on the couch. I slept great, which was sooo nice. Now to take a hot shower and begin our day!

P.S. Something else I gotta mention that is so weird. There are NO coffee stands, shops, etc. anywhere in B.C., it seems. We have been driving along two main highways and have seen no sign of caffeinated brew. It's like visiting the South. No coffee! It's been sad. We have had to get Starbucks coffee twice now. Needless to say, I am overjoyed at being in Ketchikan.

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