Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh, what a weekend!

Are my pets being cute or what? They rarely are next to each other.

This was such a great weekend!

It started off by going to pick up our car on Friday night, almost a week before we thought we would get it back. Well, one of the lights on the dash stayed on (the one that said we had used our airbag...yeah) and so Progressive said they'd check it out, but they gave us a rental car! I am super excited that now I can buy more than three things at the grocery store. Oooh! Aaah! So we still don't have the car, but my bike is still out of service and so it's nice to have a couple days of having a "car option." (It was also funny to me to not have to spend $15 on a car wash. Thank GOD we can spend $500 and they will wash, wax, and vacuum the car for us! ;o)

"What about Eleanor, Brittany?" you ask. WELL. Jonathan, sweet as he is, has gone to a three different bike shops in search of a tire for me and still no luck. So, luckily, I did buy some transit passes so at least I can get to and from work, but I'd rather be riding my bike sometimes!

Want to hear something crazy? On Saturday night in Ketchikan there were gusts of up to 100mph and there was an island-wide power outage for almost ten hours. Some places in town won't have power for several days still. This is what it's like to live on an island in Alaska! All day today I kept seeing pictures of the damage done by wind and trees via people on Facebook. Crazy! Lines in Safeway (the only grocery store open) were over an hour, a friend of mine said. We have power at the coffee shop via a generator, so Steve is still able to roast coffee and we can still make drinks! I'm so glad we finally have a generator, because it's something Steve had talked about for a long time. We talked on the phone for over half an hour today to get caught up, so I'm glad he mentioned it!

Saturday I spent four hours on and off catching up on statistics homework. My god, I think they put the toughest chapter in the very front. Chapter 2 brought me to tears and I thought I was going to completely suck at statistics, even though I thought I'd do good, because I'm analytical (you like my reasoning?). Luckily, it's just word problems that I typically suck at, so since the next two chapters were dealing with graphs and plotting points and histograms, I am rocking it. Hopefully the rocking it keeps up. Yay for visual learning? You want me to draw a diagram? I will SO draw you a diagram.

Nicolle came and picked me up at 2:30pm and we headed downtown to meet up with some other super awesome ladies for some fun photography stuff. We had a blast! We spent three hours with a group of girls walking around downtown Portland and taking pictures of things. I just had my regular digital camera but had three photos left on the roll of film in my Diana, so I brought that, too. I had a cute little outfit all ready (and on me) but then it was raining sideways, so I changed into the more sensible "Alaska clothes" (rain pants and rain jacket). Well, I was the only one not in a cute little outfit, although I was warm and comfy in my fleecey pants and Patagonia shirt underneath my rain clothes!

The Fremont Bridge. We all know it's my favorite.

Cool, industrial-looking stuff! (Yeah, excitingly named, I know.)

Nicolle took this picture of us. She is so good! It's so cool! We'll see what the photo from my Diana turns out to look like later. :o)

I came home to Jonathan cooking up Mediterranean Chicken Stew. It's one of the recipes he does best and it tastes sooo good. Later in the evening he took me on the North date that I didn't get to do last Wednesday, because my bike was out of service. North now has my favorite beer on tap, Double Mountain's IRA. It is SO GOOD. I am so happy I finally got to drink it again! Ah, sweet sweet beer, how I love you so.

Sunday didn't have too much happening. I got my haircut at Gilly's from Tia and then came home and did statistics homework for several hours. Yup. :o)

 Cute kitty I met outside Gilly's. I think I was petting him too hard in this picture.

I made espresso in my Kontessa when I got home. Major yum!

I did make chicken hash on Sunday night for dinner, though! It is so gosh darn good. I have been needing a gravy and potato fix for awhile, so this fit the bill! I don't cook the potatoes before I throw everything together, though, like the recipe says to do. And we use packets of organic turkey gravy. Whatever. This recipe makes a crispy-crusted super yummy hash.

 Hash when it was first put in the pan. The liquidy stuff really reduces.

Burnty stuff is delicious! I like my hash to have a good layer of crispy stuff in it.

I'm suuuuuper excited for this weekend because Renai is going to come visit me!! We are hopefully going to do fun, crafty and Portlandy things and we will be very silly. There is talk of making cheese and soap. We are awesome.

And, that, my friends was my weekend.

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