Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I live with quite a silly, grumpy, Old Lady Cat

Hello and happy Tuesday! Here's some gratuitous pictures of my cat:

Somebody wants to help with stats homework!

Yes, Halo, even crouching on the teeniest edge of the page is still considered to be "in the way."

Somebody is GRUMPY that she keeps getting moved off the book and is not getting attention Right Now.

Finally (FINALLY) she gives up, turns away from me, and hides her face. Ouch! Sorry, Halo, not all of my time is yours!

 She got cold the other night and so decided to bury herself under my legs on the couch

This is all you could see of her face. I don't know if it was very comfortable!

Crazy Cat Face demands jam!

 She also likes to worship the heater. She puts her face riiight up against it.

You can't quite tell in this photo, but her nose is touching the heater. She also sometimes "talks" to it,  quietly meowing while she's over there. We call it her "Heater Friend."

Do you know any cats as silly as mine?


  1. Nawwww! Cute photos. And yes, my baby Mischa loves to get in the way. I know she does it on purpose. They both need more attention when my attention is elsewhere. Sometimes it's annoying when they insist but it really is the cutest thing :)

    You have a gorgeous kitty. Halo is a sweet name.

  2. Hello! I just checked out your blog and your kitties are so sweet! (I also just added you to Google Reader. I love finding new blogs to read! :o)

    Yes, it's so cute when they do it, but I feel like the meanest cat mom ever when I keep pushing her away and she keeps trying to come back. It's definitely a battle of wills and when I try and explain to her that humans (especially cat moms) will usually win, I think it only makes her try harder!

    She actually came with the name! I have had her since I was 8 and I just turned 28, so you see where this is going...! (She's also deaf and is currently yowling from the living room because she can't hear herself.)

    Anyway, lovely to meet you and I'm really looking forward to reading your blog! :o)

  3. Hahaha! The heater picture is killing me. Luna likes to lay by ours, then she overheats and flops on her back with her tummy up in the middle of the floor to cool down. She'll go on like that all night as long as the heater is on!

  4. Jonathan took about five or six photos of her at the heater! She just totally zones out and ignores everyone and everything.

    That is sooo cute about Luna!

  5. ha ha she is such a funny old lady. love you halo cat!

  6. Those pictures of her with her nose all the way up to the heater are so odd and hilarious! What a quirky old kitty! Our super old cat started to do some REALLY weird stuff as she got up in her age. She would stay in one spot for months only leaving it to eat and use the litter box. Then she'd randomly stop and go back to being a more normal cat. Then after a few months she'd find a new spot and stay their for months. She was a weird cat (also quite bitchy, but she was like that her whole life).

    Great blog entry! Cracked me up. She is a really funny old gal! I am so glad that she is feeling better!


  7. Monica, that is so funny to hear about your cat! They are so weird with their little personalities. I love them! When Halo dies we are going to get two (or three!) kitties but right now I think it would stress her out too much.

    Nicolle, Halo appreciates your sentiment, despite all the dirty looks she gave you yesterday.

  8. The coloring on your cat is so similar to my cat Bailey! Just earlier she took a nap under my knees just like Halo. Cats are so darn cute.

  9. That is too funny! I have never seen other cats do that and can't remember Halo ever doing that before. I guess maybe our apartment was too chilly that night? She never likes to be picked up and held much and she just spent about fifteen minutes being held by me, even tolerating it. She's such a goofball.

    I love the name Bailey!

  10. That Heater Friend is one of the cutest and funniest things I've ever heard! I picture a roaring heater making heater noises over which you can kind of hear quiet meowing, like they're telling each other secrets.

  11. That is *pretty* much exactly what happens. ;o) Artoo will sit with his face against it, too, but the fact that Halo talks to it is just too funny. She also talks to her water dish. We like to imagine that she thinks she's bellyin' up to a bar somewhere and is talking to the bartender!