Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Last Week in Ketchikan: Thoughtful, Sad, Happy, Excited...

Friday, in pictures...

It started like this. Houston, I think we're missing some water and other islands!

Oh, wait...there's more islands. Kinda.

Ended like this. Ba-zam!! A gorgeous evening!

I have been on my last week in Ketchikan. I have spent the week staying at my friends' house up on Millar St. The view is amazing and it's a pretty quiet neighbourhood. I like it! Since I have not been working at the coffee shop, it has been nice to stay in town and have this view. I've spent a lot of time this week watching birds on the big bush outside the main window, listening to Stellar's jays, eagles, and ravens, watching airplanes come and go, and watching various boats go by. It's been pretty relaxing, which is appreciated!

Today, however, is my last day at the coffee shop and tonight I will go back to staying at the house out north. I have quite a few plans for the rest of the time I'm in Ketchikan, though!

*Tonight: dinner at Nycole's house for her 30th birthday!
*Sunday: Both sad and happy events at Myurgen's. Sad being the burial of Howard, my duck friend, who died on Thursday evening. At least he was surrounded by family. They're not sure what happened, but I know Howard lived a good life! After Howard's burial we will enjoy our last Musical Sunday, an event I hope to keep up in Portland!
*Monday: Dinner with Wynelle? Attending Top Chef Week 3? I haven't heard yet, but I know my evening will be good. During the day I should put the M/V Baranof on the car (for the first time this year...sigh...) to make sure it actually works and to see what the car feels like with a 13' kayak attached to it. (I'm thinking like a big weather vane, but I could be wrong.)
*Tuesday: My last full day in Ketchikan! Probably a lot of crying on my part. I'm hoping to get friends together for food. I need to pack the car up today, which doesn't take that long, but it IS a pain in the butt. I am SO GLAD this is the last time I will be packing up and "moving" again for a very long time!
*Wednesday: The ferry leaves at 3pm but I need to be in line around 1pm, I think. I get on the ferry and then begin my 36 hour ride to Bellingham and then four hour drive to Portland! (It was nice to just re-read my blog post I wrote while I was on the ferry ride to come up here. Lots of pretty photos!)

Jonathan won't be home for another few hours after I get home, so that will give me time to give the pets lots of love!! I'm going to save unpacking the car for when Jonathan is home because it goes way faster with two people and I want him to enjoy all that I have been dealing with for the past five months. (In case you read this, darling, I apologize in advance. ;o) Maybe I'll update my phone for the first time since April? Maybe I'll make food in my own kitchen? Maybe I'll start cleaning because a boy has been living alone for half a year? (Just kidding. Jonathan does good on the cleaning front!) Maybe I will just sit on my couch and cry and be both relieved that this adventure is over but also that I am not in Ketchikan and be relieved because I have come back to Portland with some MAJORLY AWESOME COOL STUFF happening. (I have a job at a place that I freaking love AND I am going to be volunteering with Friends of Trees!)

Seriously, though, if you have been following my blog since April, you know everything that has happened, both the good and bad. Like the moving ten times in five months. I'm looking forward to being in Portland with specific things to be excited about. My new job is totally awesome and I can't wait to start it. It is doing things I love to do. I will also be making a lot of soap and focusing on it as a part time job. I will be finishing up my Bachelor of Anthropology degree and plan on walking in my graduation on June 16 next year. I have been through a LOT this year and will be going through a LOT next year. What else is going to happen in the next year that I don't even know about? What sort of adventures will 2012 bring? All I know is that this year has had its ups and downs, but I am thankful they happened and I think I really grew as a person during this Alaskan adventure. 2011 isn't over yet and I know money is going to be pretty tight for awhile, but I have a good feeling about things (when don't I?) and know everything works out in the end. It always does.


  1. your enthusiasm and positivity is amazing! i can't wait until you're back in PDX!

  2. Brittany Congrats on the new job and that you have managed to accomplish a lot during your time in Ketchican. I do not envy you on the moving 10 times in 5 months part, but I think you even found some value in that in that you simplified what you could when in the Alaska. Are you going to do the same when you get back to Portland?

  3. Love reading about your adventures. So happy and excited for you and your new job and going home to be with your pets and Jonathon! I'm sure they can't wait for your arrival. ;) Safe travels!

  4. Shana, I'm so excited, too! I can't wait for bike-riding and potlucks!!

    Paula, yup, that's my main project when I get back to Portland. Because I'll only be working at Mr. Green Beans 12-18 hours a week and doing soap stuff the rest of the time, I will still have lots of time to tackle things. Living without certain things for five months has really sealed the deal in that I am okay getting rid of a lot of my stuff now. Our spare bedroom is being used as storage and now I really want to go through and see what all I can get rid of. I would love to be able to pare my clothes down enough or rearrange things in my bedroom closet so that I could put all the stuff that's in my dresser in the spare bedroom into my own closet. Since the spare bedroom is now going to be my soap-making headquarters I definitely need some extra space.

    Allison, thank you! I know Jonathan is excited for me to come home but I think the pets probably won't be excited until they actually see me. I think Artoo is going to Freak. Out. Halo will probably be excited for a bit and then want to overtake my lap and then will nap. Typical cat. ;o)

  5. So bitterwsweet! But the best things in life always are, aren't they? Or are at least joined by bittersweet bridges...

    You are an amazing person. Whatever 2012 throws at you, you will take it running, I have no doubt. :-)

  6. Kim, I just keep telling myself that! So many new things coming up. I know everything will work out. I am super excited to be working at my new job. I know I keep mentioning it but it is such an awesome fit for me versus my old job which was so NOT. I just have so much going on in my mind right now!