Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Highs and Lows

Well, there have been both some highs and lows the past few days. As far as the lows go, I am just crossing my fingers that I won't have to take statistics class again. Let's get to the highs!

On Monday I received my new (to me?), refurbished MacBook Air. It's one of the recent models, but a few hundred dollars off. I had been thinking about upgrading my laptop for a long time, due to the fact that I'll be going to Ketchikan for almost half a year and I'll be needing to complete my senior project in order to graduate with my bachelor's degree (twenty-five pages, minimum - WHEE!). It would be good to have something with a bigger screen that I'm not trying to squint at that can handle photo stuff, etc.

Apple Buddies!

What I didn't know is that I could have all of my info and settings transferring from our iMac, so that was pretty cool. I thought I was going to have to manually transfer everything I wanted. It took seven hours, but it's nice to have everything there!

Last night Jonathan and I messed around with FaceTime, where he can now call my computer and I can talk to him on video through it.

This is so meta it hurts.

My OTHER source of excitement this week has been my soap! Soap class was so awesome! I had a ton of fun and learned that making soap is actually pretty easy. I even ordered a scale and a used hand blender off eBay. I'm serious about soap, y'all!

My lemon-scented soap with lemon zest and poppyseeds. It smells really good!

Cutting the soap chunks into bars

The soap will now cure for two weeks and then it can be used!

So now the questions is, would anyone be interested in a soap giveaway? Like if I were to give away some soap after it's done doing its thing and is ready to be used, would anyone try and win some? I have seventeen bars, more than enough to share! If people would actually be interested I'll set up a giveaway after Stina's earring giveaway is over (have you entered to win?).

One more weeks of statistics class. Please, everyone, cross your fingers that I pass. If I don't it means I will have to take it the third time (seriously, it is that confusing to me) and I won't graduate on time in June. I just really, really want to be able to pass everything! I'm going in tonight to get tutored. This was a huge source of frustration for me, finding a tutor. My teacher was kind of an ass about it, but that is a long story. 'Nuff said, I really want to do good. :o)

And how is YOUR week going?


  1. I would totally be interested in a soap giveaway! I buy shampoo bars on etsy, I just love homemade stuff like that. And yaaaay, new laptop!

  2. Okay, done! I will set one up in a few weeks then. :o) I figured people might because, hey, who doesn't like soap? But just wanted to check!

  3. Oh, yay! I was about to ask if you'd sell some. I'd be interested in that. Also, my fear of statistics has so far made me avoid it...and now I doubt I'll be able to test into it anyway. Good luck!

  4. I actually AM planning on going into soap-making. I even have shops set up and an email address. I just need some product going! :o) YAY for hearing you'd be interested. :oD

    I definitely wouldn't be in statistics class if I had a choice, but it's required for my degree. I am going up to the college tonight and trying to find the tutor. They're supposedly there until 6pm, so that gives me an hour of time with them. Crossing fingers this happens tonight!!

  5. hey lady! good luck with statistics - i hated that class too. hope your week goes well!

  6. You are going to make and sell soap! How cool! I am excited :)

  7. Good luck with statistics! I feel like I lucked out by never having to take that class in college :)
    PS. I've been thinking about getting a refurbished MacBook too - seems like a good deal to save a few hundred off the price.

  8. Agreed! I am totally LOVING the MacBook! I'm using it right now. It's like my new BFF. I refer to it as the "Mackie" so my boyfriend knows, "Can you please plug the Mackie in?" and "I need to do some work on the Mackie tonight" now. ;o)