Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seeing Pavement at the Edgefield and Visiting the Little Woody Cask-Aged Beer Festival in Bend

Well! We had quite the good time this weekend. I am writing this on Sunday as a recap of the events. Friday night we went to see Pavement at the McMenamin's Edgefield. Saturday we drove to Central Oregon to Bend to go to this year's Little Woody and visit Deschutes Brewery & the Brewpub.

Friday night I picked Jonathan up from work and we headed to the Edgefield. We hadn't been to the Edgefield since last year when we stayed there as part of our week and a half long camping trip (staying there was an early anniversary present, though...and it was nice to stay in a hotel after camping for days!). Neither of us had been to a show on their lawn before. It was pretty comfy and the perfect temperature outside!

The stage before the show started

Extreme close-up of delicious McMenamin's brews

Quasi played before Pavement took to the stage. They were pretty good. It was the first time I'd heard them. I was so glad when Pavement came on, though!

Jonathan took pretty much all the Pavement photos. They were so rockin'! They played my favorite songs. They were a really good show. They were funny and interacted with the crowd. I loved them!

Saturday morning we got up early and got ready to head to Bend. It's about a three hour drive, so we didn't want to waste too much time. It's a beautiful drive that takes you around Mt Hood and then once you hit Central Oregon it starts looking totally different. It's a high desert with different-looking pine trees than I'm used to.

We got to Bend around 12:30pm, just in time for the 1:00pm Deschutes brewery tour! We took it last year and it was super interesting and informative.

Deschutes Brewery!

The Black Butte XXII, totally scrapped in bottles this year because the Theo chocolate caused floaties in it. Apparently it was a quarter of a million dollars down the drain. You can only get this beer at the brewery and the brewpub right now because the kegs draw from the bottom. The chocolate caused cocoa butter chunkies to form at the top, which wasn't visually great in a beer bottle! I had two samples of this because it is SO good! Too bad it's not sold in bottles! Next year, though...

Taking a proper picture took several times. We are silly!

One of the mash tuns

Alaskan Sneakers at Deschutes!

This year's Jubel label! Coming out later this month! (Early, I know!)

Mounted duck in Deschutes' breakroom

The hop room


Specially-made German tuns!

Representing Ketchikan! (With a pink pin, darn it!)

Nobody likes catty beer

The biochemistry room

Extra CO2 came out and made a mess!

Bottles for this year's Jubel!

I liked this Jubel label. I forget what year it is.

I hate washing my hands (with a burning passion), but this actually made me want to, because it was the hand dryer from hell! It's a Dyson!

After we left the brewery we went downtown to the Little Woody, held in the Des Chutes Historical Museum's parking lot. The Little Woody is a cask-condition beer festival. It turns out it's only been happening since last year, so we have made it the entire two years it has been in existence.

 Wooooo! The Little Woody!

Jonathan and his tasty, tiny drink




My favorite beer was Deschutes' Berlinerweisse, behind me in that second picture. It was SO good! It was just a hint sour, but not overpoweringly so. I had two tasters of it! So totally delicious.

Some of the booths at the festival. I think there were only about eight or nine breweries there total.


As we left I took pictures of pinecones and pinetrees for Renai. It's our special thing.

These pinetrees are weird!

After we left the Little Woody we went to the Deschutes brewpub and got dinner before we had to head back home. I think the name of the beer I got was King Screamer? It was an IPA that they only make at the brewpub and it was SO CRAZY GOOD. For dinner I got one of the specials, which was Alaskan halibut and pork belly tostadas. There is no picture because I inhaled my entire plate. It was my first actual meal of the day, so who can blame me! (The rest of the day was road food, like jerky, Red Bull, chili nut crunchies, and cheesey puffs. Most of it was from the natural foods section, so that makes it okay, right? ;o)

G'bye, Bend! We have to head home now!

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