Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last night's beernanza and Whiffies

Good Thursday morning! It's going to be hard to go to work today because it's the day before vacation. UGH. I just can't wait to get home tonight (after taking Artoo to Nicolle's - ahhh, quiet!) and pack things up!

Last night Jonathan and I went to Belmont Station because they were doing tastings of beer from Alaskan Brewing Co. Of course, this is the beer I love, so we had to check it out. They also had AK's new Double Black IPA, which we hadn't tried, and also some barrel-aged 2009 Smoked Porter. If you know me, you know if my crazed love for Smoked Porter. It tastes like smoked salmon in a glass. And if that doesn't sound good to you, then I don't know what's wrong with you. ;o) It's just smoky and delicious!

(Jonathan declined to be in the shot, but he is wearing his sweet Poketo t-shirt!) Anyways...the two smaller glasses are the Smoked Porter and the bigger glasses are the Double Black IPA. It was so awesome to have Smoked Porter on tap, much less even be drinking it in a bar. Back when Fat Stan's first opened in Ketchikan, my friend Jessica and I would each get a 22oz of Smoked Porter and we'd be set to go with our drink for awhile!

The Double Black IPA was reeeeeaally good. I let it warm up a bit (which I also do with my Smoked Porter) and then the flavor really came through. Wow! Definitely can taste the maltiness in it. If you can find any 22s of the Double Black, I highly suggest buying some!


We ended up coming home with two bottles of the Double Black, three of the Smoked Porter, and one Chatoe Rogue Oregasmic that is new (to us, at least) for us to drink tonight while we pack up for tomorrow. I stock up on Smoked Porter every year when it comes out in November and I like to age it. Three years is good. I don't know yet what we're doing with the IPA, if we're going to drink it right away or save it for a bit. All I care about is that we have it! (They also gave us a sweet AK Brewing Co Pilot Series box with airplanes on it! It's pretty cool.)

Also, can I just state my love for the Double Black IPA label? Again, if you know me, you know I love ravens! Yay ravens!

 We also ended up making it home with two fishing lures, which the AK rep (I feel so bad for not remembering his name! Maybe Jonathan does. Super nice guy!) said that Dolly Varden love. So, Renai, we are all set for trout fishing!! (Renai and I have a trout fishing trip in the works.)

After leaving Belmont Station I headed to pick up Andi because we needed Girl Time and we were heading to Whiffies! Whiffies makes fried pies. They are amazing. Their menu rotates so one never knows what kind they will have (they do announce it on Twitter and Facebook, though). I have been saying for a couple months, "Wouldn't it be awesome if Whiffies had a pizza pie? Because it would be like the best pizza pocket ever." Well, they apparently DO and so I needed to try one!

Crazed dorky excitement at its best! The pizza pie is so good I ate two! It had actual chunks of quality meat (sausage and pepperoni) inside and not just thin slices of pepperoni, so the taste was awesome. YUM!!

Andi was a good sport and let me take a picture of her with her mixed berry pie. Mmmm, it looks good! She also got a peanut butter and chocolate chip pie to go so she could eat it at home. I am pretty sure that one was delicious, as well.

And, so, it is now time for me to finish this so I can finish getting ready for my last day at work for almost two weeks! Eeeeee!!!


  1. Aaron LOVED the pizza pocket one. Have you had the chicken pot pie yet? It is RIDICULOUS! The mixed berry pie is also quite fantastic.

  2. Oh, yeah, the chicken pot pie one is crazy good!!