Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Little Woody Cask-Aged Beer Festival in Bend

Jonathan and I figured out yesterday that we were going to be able to attend The Little Woody beer festival in Bend, OR, again this year. This is really exciting to me.

We had a GREAT time in Bend last year. We were there for the sake of going to Deschutes Brewery, one of our favorites. This was part of our week-long camping trip we did. We got to Bend on a Saturday afternoon and headed to the brew pub. We both had a beer and the food...oh, the food was excellent. I had a grilled ahi salad with magic dressing. It was one of their lunch specials. I ate the entire thing because it was so darn good.

This is the Hop-In-the-Dark, back when it was only brewed at the brewery. 90 IBUs! YUM!

After we ate at the brew pub we headed to the brewery to do the tour.

Front of the brewery

Jonathan and two of his delicious beer samples

We hung out before the tour and talked to the Deschutes crew about beer and Bend and other things. While we did the tour we asked good questions, listened, and learned about Deschutes' delicious beer.

Here's some crappy cellphone pictures I took inside the brewery:

After the tour we each got a few more beer samples, but by this time the Deschutes people seemed to have taken a liking to us, giving us extra beer samples, extra bottle cap magnets (MAGNETS, people!!), and brewery coasters. (We like people who give us extra beer samples.) They asked what we were doing and we're all, "Ummm, I don't know!" and they said we should go to The Little Woody beer festival with them and drink more beer. So we did! And it was amazing.

We got there, got our glasses and tokens, and started drinking. Cask-conditioned beer has a higher alcohol content than your average beer. I got tipsy real fast, to put it lightly.

This is the only picture I have from The Little Woody. Needless to say, it was quite an enjoyable day.

We chatted more with the Deschutes people who said they were heading back to the brewpub for their delicious large pretzels, cooked in Black Butte Porter and served with delicious dipping sauces. Well, Jonathan and I thought that was also an excellent idea and so we headed back to the brewpub.

I hope you have learned from my little story that the Deschutes Brewery people are awesome, enjoy good beer, and enjoy people who enjoy good beer.

Last but not least, as we were heading back to the car from leaving the beer festival to head back to the brewpub I found something my soul has been yearning to see my entire life: acorns. I had never seen real acorns because we don't have oak trees in my part of Alaska. So this was Really Exciting. I also found a huge pinecone!

So! We have figured out that we are able to go to The Little Woody again this year, held on September 3rd and 4th, in Bend. We'll be going to see Pavement at the Edgefield on Friday night, so we'll be heading to Bend for the day on Saturday. I wish we could stay and camp somewhere, but it's Labor Day weekend, so it's a three night minimum stay for holidays with camping. So we'll have to head back to Portland that night, but I'm pretty sure the day will be incredibly enjoyable.

(I can only hope the Deschutes people take us under their wing again and either give us more free beer or that I find more acorns.)

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