Wednesday, April 10, 2013

There Is No Post Title

This is a random post. It's not really about anything. You can disregard it if you want.

Artoo and I just took a really great walk tonight with Andi and her dog Chief. We walked over to Rose City Park and then went partway around the golf course with the dogs off-leash and then turned around and followed our tracks back so the dogs could get some extra crazy dog time. The weather has been so beautiful lately that it's been nice to get outside! FitBit says I'm getting more exercise, as well, which is great!

Last week was really kind of stressful overall. Some weird stuff happened. In fact, three weird things happened, so I am happy to put last week behind me. This week is way, way better.

I AM GOING TO KETCHIKAN IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!! I am leaving the Friday before Labor Day and heading there for nine days. I won't have vacation time at work until I've been there a year, so since we get Labor Day paid I will only have four days without pay. Since I had the miles to pay for my ticket, the fees were only $10. I'll be staying with my friend Katie, who lives right downtown, so I will be able to walk everywhere! Yeah!!

I have come to the realization that I will not be able to put as much money into savings this year for my Antarctica trip as I had hoped and that I will be taking some money out of savings to help pay for it when the time comes. I am 100% okay with this, as I have been working my butt off for almost two years now to pay for both this trip and my Peru/Easter Island trip and so that is just fine. Had I been dinking around I would be upset to take money out of my "big" savings, but I will keep hustling as much as I can this year and things will work out. I am proud of myself that I am going to so many new countries in the next year! It feels good!

I have been hanging out with my friend Dana from work more, which has been awesome. I love her. She is so great. She is ALSO from Alaska, because I seem to find other Alaskans in Portland and collect them. We compliment each other perfectly and have developed our own Twin Speak. She teaches me about consumerism (in the most loving of ways) and what it's like to be the younger sibling and I teach her about the magicness of natural products and just how nerdy the internet can be.

I bought sparkly shoes and a few bras from Nordstrom's last week. It felt really nice to have some ridiculously girly shoes again and since I have been searching for bras for TWO YEARS that felt great, as well.

Tonight I made some yummy vegan "cheesy" salad dressing for our taco chickpea salads, thanks to Ravyn's dressing posting. I altered my version a little bit, but I am totally thankful to her for the idea because it was so crazy yummy! I can't wait to eat it again tomorrow!

Not making soap anymore makes me feel "retired." I don't have to spend extra mental energy trying to hawk soap! It's awesome! A very small part of me misses making soap and the rest of me is happy to be moving forward toward something else.

Tomorrow night I shall be repotting my coffee plant because I bought new soil tonight. HOLLA.

I went to Target three times today. That's normally about how many times I go in a year. I bought towels, a pouf for Jonathan's feet (I OWN A POUF NOW), a curtain for Dana because she only bought one curtain this afternoon so I had to get her another one, a woven reed something laundry basket, and a few other things (Twizzlers Nibs...I KNOW). 

It is 9:12pm and I am so tired I am falling asleep whilst posting, which makes me feel like a big baby. But when you sleep for a few hours and then wake up READY FOR SOME MOTHER-EFFIN' ACTION because you are a little, excited person, well, you get tired early.

How come people my age buy houses they can't afford without someone else living with them or without their parents helping? Is renting so bad? I'm not trying to poo-poo any of my friend's purchases or whatever, because quite a few of them are now home-owners, but they are reliant on other people living with them or their parents to help out. Jonathan and I plan on renting indefinitely. Who knows what is in the future? $200,000 can buy a LOT of world-wide adventures. Our credit is good and we are DINKs. No hating on our loved ones who buy houses with help! It is just not for me. It just seems like I have noticed it more and more lately and since this blog is my journal of sorts I have to talk about it.

I made some hard decisions last week, but I feel good about them. Brittany ain't a doormat.

It's now 9:18pm and I need to sleep. Three trips to Target wears down one's constitution when you're not used to shopping that much. I bid you all adieu.


  1. I totally get where you're coming from on the buying a house thing - BUT - from my perspective (based on my situation) it's the having roommates part that not only allows you to save enough money to still travel, but also to be investing in something really solid for your future as well. I can technically afford my mortgage on my own, but having roommates who help pay my mortgage means that I can work less hours & go back to school, save money to travel, and put additional money into my IRA, all while putting the money that would otherwise be going towards basically nothing into something for myself. Especially with the housing market the way it is right now - my house has increased $25K in value in the 5 months I've owned it, and because the area I bought in is "up & coming" the value is only going to increase with time. I also have the house to fall back on to help me - rather than where I previously was - paying the same amount in rent, and living in a studio apartment. It essentially can become an additional form of income, and it's something you can always rent out if you want to move, etc. It's definitely not for everyone!

  2. Oh! I also don't know if we ever talked about HOW I bought my house (no help). My down payment is through a county funded program for first time home buyers within a certain income bracket. I actually have a second loan that I used as my down payment that is in deferment for 30 years. I don't need to even touch it until my house is either payed off or I sell it, and it's at super low interest. It's crazy wonderful & made it possible for me to buy something "better" than I would have been able to afford otherwise.