Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Bits and Bobbles

There has been both nothing going on and everything going on lately. It's been a weird past couple of weeks still. I think things are normalling out, though. As of last night, I'm back at home with not much house-sitting before I leave for South America, although I have a few prospects, so hopefully that gets scheduled soon! I have already realized that I'm going to need to take money from my savings to pay for the trip, but I'm still hopeful I start getting more side hustle happening so I don't have to take out much.

Here's some photos I've taken recently:

I got in a bunch of film that I won on eBay to take to South America with me. 

 After three months of grow-out I got a haircut! I love it!

As of last night we have a dishwasher!! This is our third white droid in the house now. Meet Danby!

 Rereading a favorite!

Amy and I had a meeting of Adventurers Who Love Cats & Cocktails. 

Jonathan and I took a trip to Hood River. Yummy! 

The sky on the way back was gorgeous!

We made me a fabulous bow at work!

A lovely morning, featuring a sharrow.

The trees in Portland have been snowing lately!

I dog-sat for one of my favorites, Mo! Such a cutie!

And that, my friends, sums up some of my life the past couple weeks. This weekend is going to be awesome, though. I will be working for Karina on Saturday and then on Sunday I am going to a Friends of Trees volunteer potluck and going on a Segway tour of downtown with Dana!! I will finally be able to mark "Ride on a Segway" off my bucket list!! I was able to get us Groupons. I'm pretty psyched. We can pretend to be Gob from "Arrested Development." ;o)

What's going on with you?


  1. I know I always say this, but I REALLY love this post. What made you guys decide to get that little dishwasher? I didn't even know they existed. My mind is blown!! Your hair looks amazing.

    1. Our dish washing problems have been that J is too tall for our sink, so it hurts his back to lean over and wash. He's also slower than I am, having had a dishwasher all his life. ;o) I can wash dishes fast but I don't want to wash every night. Also, J is starting to work OT almost daily and with my transiting schedule I get home later. All in all, I think we are finally at a good point in time to get one. Helloooo, Thirties! ;o)

      I didn't know they existed until I saw one at the house of someone I house-sat for! I immediately went home, looked them up online, and showed one to Jonathan! I then surprised him with it. ;o) I hope I gained some girlfriend points on that!