Sunday, April 15, 2012

Made It To Alaska!

Well, I've now officially been in Alaska for a few days and have finally had some time to sit down and post on the blog. If you follow me online you may have seen some of these pictures already, but I thought I'd share them anyway.


Flying over Washington 

Beautiful Canadian mountains 

Landing in Ketchikan, it is SO awesome to see float planes again!

Thursday night I got picked up from the airport by my friends whose house I'm staying at. We went back to their place, where I got the updated tour of what is new since I house-sat for them last year. They still had to pack (and get their four kids ready!), so I ended up going to dinner at Annabelle's with Whitney. My meal was SO delicious! Darn straight I'm going to go to Ketchikan and have some seafood! I had the Halibut Rees, which was a giant halibut filet with crab in it and covered in a spicy pepperjack cheesy sauce. Oh, it was GOOD!


 It was such a nice, quiet morning.

Friday morning I went to my new job downtown for the first time. I'm thankful my friend is able to use my help while I'm in town! I spent the first five hours of my day stocking candy in bins. The shop sells Alaska curios and has a candy shop and coffee shop in it, as well. I'm not a big candy person, so at first all the candy smells smelled good, but then after a couple of hours I was ready to be done! Apparently I get to stock the rest of the new candy when it comes in this week. Lucky me! ;o)

I spent the rest of the time tagging sparkly scarves and chatting with the other girls while they worked. It was pretty fun and I look forward to going back there tomorrow! After work my friend Ole picked me up because I needed to help him haul 2,000lbs of cookbooks from his truck up to his and his wife's (upstairs, of course) condo. Two pallet loads of cookbooks are very, very heavy. I was happy to help, though! They are both amazing people! LaDonna had hurt her back and wasn't able to haul them, so I'm thankful I was available. I am not a cookbook person, but I FREAKING LOVE her cookbook, so if you like seafood you should check it out!! All of the recipes are easy and don't involve a lot of ingredients. If she can make everything in her fishing boat's galley, you can certainly make things in your kitchen!


Saturday morning started earrrrly for me. I've been having insomnia and haven't been sleeping much lately, so it's good that I was up and rarin' to go at 5am to go to Coast Guard beach at 6am with Brooke and Tosh. They were planning to start moving into their new cabin that day, so that's why we decided to go to the beach so early in the morning. Also, we figured there would be some good animal action there, which did not disappoint! In the course of three hours we saw a whale, sea lions, seals, both adult and juvenile bald eagles, mating ravens who were doing lots of nest-building and swooping around, cormorants, ducks, tiny brown birds, and hundreds of seagulls who were eating all of the herring eggs that have been stuck to the seaweed. I'm really disappointed because I took lots of photos yesterday and I think the memory card in my camera is worn out because none of the pictures worked! I am so disappointed! At least I had taken some Instagram photos so I still had something. The feather, beach glass, and shell photo are all the goodies I picked up at the beach!

After the beach I went home for a bit and then headed out to run some errands. My soap looks AWESOME at The Point and I'm super excited! Cheri did such a good job arranging the soap so it looks its best!

Last night Brian, Whitney, and I went to the Aporkalypse contest at the Asylum. There was a $5 entry fee, which allowed you to eat as much bacon-based yummies as you wanted to sample, and then every entrant had a bowl to put money in to vote on whose treat you wanted to win, and all of the money went to a charity. I had bacon-wrapped shrimp in jalapenos with cream cheese, candied bacon, bacon apple pie, bacon strawberry daquiri jello shots, bacon salsa, and more! I was definitely in a bacon coma when the evening was over. Also, the bartender at the Asylum remembered me from last year and remembered what I drank. She is GOOD! She also makes awesome drinks. Oh, she rocks.


As of 10:30am this is how my morning has gone! Dexter has been snuggled up to me on the chair because it's a little chilly in the house. I think he's finally warming up to me (har har). He's such a cutey, but definitely a typical chihuahua. We've had a good time, though! I am now going to get ready for my friends' Second Annual Rainier Beer Hunt and Brunch. Should be a good day!


  1. I've loved following this trip on Instagram so far!! That place looks magical, and I love that you've already had so much fun!! :)

  2. Wow, there seems to be some pretty big changes that I have missed. What do you mean by "my new job"? Did you move back to Alaska or you will be staying for the summer? And I can see that everywhere you go you find black feathers :) to me, they are your trademark! Looking forward to some sunny Alaskan photos!

  3. Hi! I'm just in Ketchikan for 2.5 weeks, house-sitting for some friends of mine that I house-sat for last year. They brought me up here! I am so thankful! My "new job" just refers to the job I've been working since I'm here. I've been helping out one of my friends who manages a curios shop and is getting ready for the tourist season. There's lots to do!

    Those feathers I am finding are bald eagle feathers! I haven't found any more since then. I'm hoping to maybe go to the beach today and beach comb some more!