Monday, April 9, 2012

What I've Been Working On - The Wrap-up!

As I mentioned before, this past week has been soap, soap, a little bit more soap, and then a lot more soap after that. Since my friend wanted me to send her all of the soap I currently had, I wanted to make all of my usual stock again so that by the time I get back from Ketchikan it's all cured and ready to be sold, either via Etsy or other sales. Almost every day for the past week I've made 8lbs of soap a day. I have done a lot of wrapping, cutting, cursing, and stacking. I have washed a heck of a lot of dishes. This morning I finally officially finished the order by packaging and printing shipping labels for the soaps I'm mailing and tomorrow I should be making my last batch of soap before I go out of town. This has been an exciting adventure, but I'm really glad it's just about over. I am exhausted from living and breathing soap for the past week and a half!

 Artoo watching me wrap soap, wishing I would show attention to him.

 Wrapping some North Star and Snappy Rockfish

 Sheepdog monitors the operation, is bored.

 So pretty! I hope people like it!

These next pictures were all taken this morning, to show what has been going on in the apartment and is still happening, thankfully only for another couple days! There is soap EVERYWHERE!

 Soap stacked in the spare bedroom. I'll be taking half of it to Alaska with me to finish curing up there, so it can be sold at The Point.

 Our kitchen table has been completely taken over by soap-making equipment.

 Three batches of Corvidae and two batches of Beer & Honey shampoo bars curing

 Our kitchen counter holds some Fiddlehead and more North Star

And, finally, this morning I have 75lbs of soap, 254 bars, that I'm going to be mailing out this afternoon!

I am so thankful my friend wants to sell my soap in her shop! I really like The Point, so I'm super excited that my soap will be there! I hope I get some follow-up sales in my Etsy shop from people who bought soap and loved it enough that they wanted to get more! I am really thankful for all of Jonathan's help over the past week. He's done more cleaning and cooking than usual so that I could be doing soap stuff. He's supplied lots of back and foot rubs, which is also appreciated and awesome! :o)

I still can't believe I'll be heading to Ketchikan in just a few days! I am so, so excited to head up there and have adventures with my friends and, yes, get away from soap making just a *little* bit, which I don't feel bad about since I've been kicking so much booty at home. Just feeling so excited and thankful about everything right now!


  1. Congrats! Love seeing the behind-the-scenes photos! And, of course, your pug! What a handsome boy! xoxo

  2. Aw, thank you! He's pretty good-looking, if I do say so myself! ;o) I just feel a little bad because he's sooooo neeeeedy and so since I wasn't completely at his beck and call I think he was a little put out. Luckily, he forgave me instantly when I was ready to give him attention. ;o)

  3. Yay! Soap. Looks awesome. Good job!