Monday, April 23, 2012

One Week of Good Times in Ketchikan!

Finally! I have a little bit of time to sit down and write a proper blog post! It has been go, go, go since I have been here with trying to cram in as much friend time as I can, but I got told to take the day off from my job here today (who am I to argue with that?) so I figured it would be a good time for me to blog and do some research for my final paper. I leave Ketchikan on Sunday! So sad! I have so much more I'd like to do before then, so we'll see how much more I can fit in.

These first pictures are from a Zombie Run at Ward Lake last week. The runners all had strings tied around their waists with surveyor's tape flags tied to that. They were to run around the lake, but there were zombies staged at various points and they would try and take the flags from the runners. Whoever made it around the lake with the most flags still won! I don't know who ended up winning, but Jessica, Jonas, and I had a great time walking around the lake, even though it was pouring rain sideways.

Jessica, get back from those zombies! 

Zombie attack! 


We also found gnomes on the trail!!

We made it through the zombie attack just fine (I think) and got to live another day. Specifically, Earth Day! I helped pick up rusty nails from the pallet fires that happen at Bugge's Beach. It was a GORGEOUS day!! Grand total weight of nails picked up was 140lbs! Crazy! People need to be picking up after themselves and others better! Bugge's Beach is a popular place for kids and families to go in the summer and I shudder to think of someone stepping on a rusty nail or staple!

It seriously does not get better than this, folks.

After Bugge's Beach I went to South Point Higgins Beach and met back up with Jessica and Jonas. Jonas was in a better mood from when I'd seen him at Bugge's. He'd gotten wet and the little guy does not like to get wet. ;o) After a nap and a change of clothes he was back to his (totally super cute) usual self! 

Frank, of course. 

Dropping hemlock cones into the tide pool 

I really like this picture! 

Beach glass haul for the day. And this is being picky! There is just that much glass, it's crazy.

After getting back from the beach I inhaled a Kashi pizza. I mean, totally decimated it. I was so hungry I ate the whole thing over the course of an hour. Geez, Brittany! At 9pm I picked up Brooke, where we headed with headlamps, safety gear, and a very large knife to hike the Lunch Creek trail and look for northern flying squirrels. We didn't end up seeing any glowing little eyes in the bushes, but it was still pretty creepy at night! I think I'll stick to hiking it during the day so I can see Sasquatch when he's coming for me! We ended up going to Knudson Cove Marina to walk on the docks and this is where it totally ended up feeling like high school (in a good way). Late night adventures and being silly? Oh, yes!

Trying to set the timer and take a night photo without flash. We had the headlamps set on a bucket in front of us for light, but it didn't totally work. 

The flash turned itself on, I think, because I didn't do this. Oh, well! 

All in all, it's been an excellent Ketchikan visit so far! I'm sad that I now have less than a week to be here, so I want to take full advantage of it! I have spent a little bit more money than I'd like because food and such is expensive. I've also gone out for drinks a few times and even bought some new clothes and a necklace at Ketchikan Dry Goods! I'm not stressing about it, though, because I have some extra money from working my butt off lately and I am enjoying my time here. As nice as it would be to eat seafood out every night I still haven't even done that! (Although I have enjoyed some halibut, crab, and salmon, so that's nice.) I even was able to (drum roll, please!) use some money to pay off a credit card, put money into savings to cover my flight to visit my friends for their wedding later this year, AND put $300 into my Antarctica fund!! TOTALLY AWESOME!! So, yeah, I don't feel bad that I have some awesome new clothes and a necklace and I've done cool things with friends.

Two more pictures for you all:

The pets here really like to snuggle. Like, no, really. WE SNUGGLE. 

The weather was nice enough on Saturday to build a fire on the deck and sit outside while I wrapped my soap! Pretty nice!!

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