Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Domestic

Life is funny sometimes. Remember how a week and a half ago I mentioned I would be making soap for a company here in town? Well, how quickly life can change because now I am not doing it! I worked a whole 9.5 hours and now I'm done. New companies starting out may have lots of good ideas but not always the best way to complete them. I'm glad I got to help out when I did, but I guess this just wasn't the right temporary job for me. It was just a little more temporary than I thought! ;o)

After my meeting at noon I came home to start making chicken stock for the first time. I also started some bread in the bread machine, started the water kefir now that it was rehydrated, and did a lot of cleaning and organizing. I managed to tackle the hall closet, which finally looks normal again. I also changed the sheets on my bed and put the couch back together. (Someone spilled smoked salmon on one of the covers and it badly needed to be washed.) A maintenance man came by and turned the pilot light on for us and now we have heat! I also ran five errands and made a bunch of phone calls today before my meeting at noon. Let's just say, I was busy.

Here's some of the kitchen-y stuff I've done this afternoon:

I got the water and sugar ready for the water kefir grains.

 They now look like this!

 It'll brew for a couple more days and then I'll mix the water with some juice and let it carbonate.

This was the beginning of my chicken stock. I've been saving veggie bits and chicken pieces in the freezer until I had enough to make stock with.

 It's reduced down quite a bit, but it will still simmer for a few more hours. When it's cool I will put it in jars and freeze some of it, although I will use some of it to make this yummy-looking chicken and rice soup recipe later this week.

I finally found a bread recipe that Jonathan likes! Hooray! I'm a wheat bread girl, he's a white bread guy. I have been trying to find a bread recipe that make wheat bread puffy like white bread and I finally found it!

Now that I am basically back to where I started, job-wise, it's interesting what my morning routine is now. After reading Jena's routine and Jen's routine, I thought I'd share mine. Every morning Jonathan gets up around 6:45 and then I (if I slept well) roll out of bed around 7:30. If I didn't sleep well he'll come let me know at 8 that he's leaving for work and then I usually get out of bed after that. In the past couple of weeks I've been pretty busy going through things to donate and sell, but now that has slowed down a bit and I seem to be doing more cleaning. Every day seems to bring at least one sink's worth of dishes, sometimes two. I've been keeping up with dusting, sweeping, bed-making, keeping the kitchen clean, etc, and I like it! I have been watching more Netflix stuff and reading more magazines lately. It's nice to feel like I have enough time to get a bunch of stuff done and still have time for myself. When Jonathan gets home we hang out and he stays up a few hours after I go to bed, so he gets some alone time, too. I do wish I was working more at Mr. Green Beans, but they are giving me as many hours as they can afford to give me, which is great. I just really like working there! I'm thinking once I find out my schedule from them I will try for a seasonal temporary job to make some money before school starts in January.

Anyway, that's what I did today and what's on my mind. I now must go start some rice for dinner tonight and, yes, wash some dishes. :o)

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