Saturday, November 12, 2011

So Excited For New Soaps!

Less than a week before my first batch of soaps made upon returning to Portland are DONE! Whoo hoo!

I have all this curing right now. What I'm super excited for is my two new soaps to be done!

About this time every year I usually start searching on Etsy for candy cane scented bath products. I LOVE the smell of peppermint and vanilla together and so I'm really excited that this year I was able to make my own soap! I find the smell really energizing in the morning. It's so happy! I hope other people love it, too. Check it out here!

My other new soap that I'm really excited about is my Hairy Sasquatch Shave Bar. I have been wanting to make a shave bar forever and now I've got one! I used the same recipe as the shampoo bar (without the beer, sorry!) so I know it will be super lathery. I also added bentonite clay to make it slippery and give you a good shave. I'm also glad to offer a shave bar because it replaces a bottle or tube of shave cream and you don't have to worry about recycling it!


  1. I want soap. I'm heading over to Etsy...!!

    got anything patchouli/sandalwood scenty?

  2. I don't yet! It's in my mental list of soaps I'd like to make, but it won't be for a few months probably.