Monday, November 7, 2011

Cleaning and Sorting: Bookshelves and Spare Bedroom Edition!

Today was a busy one! The past two days I had full day work stuff happening so this morning I knew I wanted to hit the cleaning and organizing hard! It's really awesome spending a few hours going through things and realizing that some things of mine that I used to completely love in the past will hopefully now be going to someone else who will love them just as much as I did.

This morning our spare bedroom looked like this when I started...

Jonathan has been going through his things and getting rid of stuff and making a pile of things to donate and things to try and sell. This morning we were at a point in this room where I just had to move a few things around and take a few things out and then it turned quickly into this:

 YAY!!!!! Hooray for some empty floor space!

There is still his closet, his dresser, and a little more to go through but I am really proud of him to get to this point. It's really hard for him to get rid of his stuff and he is slowly getting to the point where he is comfortable with it. It's not easy and I applaud him for it!

After I tackled the spare bedroom I headed to take care of my bookshelves. (I wish I would have taken some proper "before" pictures.) Since I got back to Portland I have been taking out chunks of books and donating them or selling them quickly and I had large gaps in the shelves that just looked bad and needed to be put together more cohesively! So today I put books from my bookshelf in the dining room in these shelves and dispersed them throughout in a hopefully organized manner. While I am not anal about my books, I like like-minded books to be in the same sections, you know? So right now most of my books are not organized into as neat sections as I would like, I think this is looking pretty good (or better than it was, trust me).

I also started going through my CDs. The ones on the shelf second up from the ground on the right bookshelf are mine and those are the ones that I have decided to keep (for now), even though I have them in digital form. I know we will be getting a new car in the next year or two, one that will be a little more up-to-date than mine now and will have an iPod plug-in, but until then I have kept all the CDs that I would probably theoretically want to play in my car until that happens.

Sadly, this is our kitchen table right now. I need some boxes to put my books to donate to the library in! So our table is a little unusable, but only temporarily. My goal is to eventually empty the bookshelf in the back of the room there, get rid of what can be gotten rid of, and then sell the bookshelf and get a used little low shelf thing that I can put some of my soap stuff on. Or maybe not, since I like the idea of keeping all my work stuff in one area. This is all new for me, so it is definitely a transition into different thinking! I just like that we are going with the flow of getting rid of things.

Poor Artoo, I promise we won't be getting rid of you!

Tomorrow I have quite a few errands to run in the car since I am trying to lump all of my car errands into single days and not having to run one or two errands every day. I may have quite a bit to do tomorrow now, but I would rather do it all at once. I just sold quite a bit on eBay and have more listed, so check it out if you're interested! Half of the funds go into Jonathan and I's shared savings account (which recently took a hit from the pets' very expensive vet visit two weeks ago) and then the other half is mine, which I divvy out between my Antarctica fund and one of my savings accounts. I'm trying to get used to not working or making as much money as I'm used to, but it's also been really nice having all this time to go through my stuff and run errands. There is always *something* I want to do, so my time is used wisely. ;o)

I hope everyone had a great Monday and has a great rest of the week! Either tonight or tomorrow I will be working on making my water kefir, so cross your fingers it works for me!

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