Friday, August 19, 2011

Minimalist Blogs and Living Simply

As mentioned before, I have been working on paring down my items and have been getting rid of many things, including things that I hauled up here from Portland. I sold my iPad. I am going to sell some pretty feather headbands that I really do like, but I still just seem to never wear. I am finding new homes for things that friends have given me. I've been trying to work on the amount of "stuff" in my life. It has been making me feel awesome giving things away and having money from the things I've been able to sell is nice, too. I'm looking forward to going back to Portland with less than I moved up here with.

Today I thought I'd share a few blogs that have been really inspiring and helpful to me, so if they are helpful to you in any way, it makes me happy!

The Minimalists
The Minimal Challenge
Modern Simplicity
Becoming Minimalist
A Certain Simplicity

If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them! I'm always on the lookout for new blogs. If anyone also has any stories of how they have been paring down their stuff or helpful hints, please share!


  1. I've been on a similar kick recently. But acquiring and keeping are such hard habits to break, aren't they? I realized this during an ultimately ironic moment when I almost PURCHASED (instead of checking out from the library) a book on simplifying!

  2. Ha ha!! Oh, man, I hear you. You know, this has been a multi-year journey to this point, really. It was when I had to decide what of my stuff I wanted to pay to put on the barge from Ketchikan to Seattle, to later then be trucked from Seattle to Portland, what of my stuff I REALLY wanted to take with me.

    And I have since been paring down since then! It was slowly at first, but since I have been basically living out of my car I have really embraced this! Now that I have living in eight or nine different houses in Ketchikan in a span of four months, I just got tired of hauling all my stuff! And some of it wasn't even stuff I cared about. I have plans on giving more away as soon as I'm not house-sitting for my friend, who gets back on Monday. There is a mental list of lotions and necklaces to find homes for when I get back to my house. ;o)

    I honestly thought it would be hard to let go of the iPad, because I really do like the idea of it and it was AWESOME to travel with, because it fit perfectly in my purse, but I really didn't use it enough to justify it. I just bought a new laptop earlier this year. I mean, really? Two portable computers? (Don't even get me started on the netbook that has been sitting unused in a drawer at our apartment in Portland for months and months. SO WASTEFUL!!)

  3. I do gotta say, those feather headbands I mentioned. I have them with me right this second, because I really do like them and if I want to wear them, then I need to actually make a point of wearing them. I didn't wear them at my last job because I sometimes had to wear a headset and so wearing a headband would have been weird, too, but now that I'm in Ketchikan I can put whatever on my head that I want and I'm going to see if I actually end up wearing them. I plan on wearing one tomorrow and on Monday to work. If I don't incorporate them into my wardrobe more in a few weeks then I will find homes for them. But I really do like them.

  4. Good list, I just found The Minimalists last week. I also like
    I cannot believe how much stuff I have accumulated since I moved here...It's an ongoing process :)

  5. Yay, thank you for sharing Miss Minimalist! I just took a look at her site and am loving it! Definitely adding it to my Reader. :o)