Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today Is My Three Year Portlandiversary!

WOOOOOOOO! Today is my three year Portlandiversary! I never thought I'd be celebrating the anniversary of my third year in Portland by being back in Ketchikan. ;o)

Here are photos I found of when Jonathan, the pets, and I first moved in together...

Artoo didn't want to sit directly on the floor, so he found the next best thing: a tiny towel!

Kate visited while we house-sat!

Hot Toddies Girl Bike Gang for the win!!

We went to the coast

Halo looked bewildered...

She realized we had new rugs...

Thought about them...

Decided they were okay!

We had a neighbour pug who wanted to be friends with Artoo

Jonathan bought us matching Battles shirts for my birthday...

Yeah, we commenced dorking out. (There are other photos, too!)

(Too much rock for one hand!)

Halo was still bewildered...

I made my first turkeyloaf, back when we still shopped at WinCo.

We celebrated our one year anniversary by staying at the Edgefield!

Jonathan made me an epic birthday cake that year

It was HAPPY! (And delicious.)
(Please note my "Angler's Guide to Rockfishes of Alaska" on the fridge.)
(I am a fish nerd.)

We got our first vanity plate, because, duh, I'm Alaskan and that's what we do!
(Although in my heart my car is still ROKFSH, I admit.)
(Rockfishes, I still massively love you.)

We adopted our cat, Jeff, who we only had for eight months. He died of cancer and had diabetes and IBS. We loved him dearly.

We took our first AMAZING holiday portrait for greeting cards.

We braved Snowpocalypse 2008, which had me all excited that I would be regularly seeing snow in Portland and could snowshoe down Tillamook every year. (That was a completely random year and I have not yet snoeshowed again. Sad face.)

We celebrated the new year at North, duh!

That was my first few months in Portland! It was super fun and I love living there! Even though I'm in Ketchikan right now, I totally miss doing all my Portland-y things, just like when I'm there I miss doing all my Ketchikan-y things! When I go back to Portland I am looking forward to seeing Jonathan and the pets (duh), my friends (obviously), riding Eleanor on a mostly-daily basis like I used to, not having to layer quite as often (although I obviously am stellar at it), going to Russell St BBQ for barbecued pulled pork with double extra greens, getting dressed up for $10 martinis that are actually worth it at Portland City Grill, drives, drives, and more drives!, HOOD RIVER (!), camping at Moss Creek Campground in WA, Mount Saint Helens, Jonathan's parents and family, dancing at the Holocene, riding my bike to REI and getting adventure gear......there is so much more! I can't wait to do Portlandy things!

(And going to North on a very regular basis is also very, very high on the list, obviously.)


  1. LOVE the photos of you & J in your matching shirts. Oh my goodness. You guys are so funny and adorable. XOX.

  2. happy happy portlandiversary to one super awesome lady! ox

  3. Thank you, ladies! Stina, it's alllllll about the matching shirts, trust me. Oh, yes. There were more pictures. Jonathan is sometimes so quiet that many of my friends (back when I first posted these pictures a few years ago) were like, "He's so quiet! How is he being so silly?!" ;oD

  4. Totally!! I believe you, and I've seen the great photos, but we have yet to tempt his personality out in person! :) You guys are so freaking cute.