Monday, August 22, 2011

Hassell Adventures

The past few days have been pretty fun because my dad has been in town and so we've gotten to hang out! I usually have fun with my dad. I think he is thankful that his daughter likes to do the cool stuff he likes to do so that he has someone to do it with. Last week we went deer hunting over in the Mesa Lake area, but didn't get anything. It was a good excuse for flying, hiking, and being outside, though!

A gorgeous day in town!

My dad and 22 Delta

 So weird to see the different tundra on this part of Revillagigedo!

I found a single blueberry while we sat for 40 minutes.

22 Delta looks like a little toy.

On Sunday we decided to hang out again, which was pretty fun. My day started with sushi for brunch, which is always awesome and appreciated by me. Due to the amount of rain we've had lately, we decided to drive to the lakes that are able to be driven to to check out the amount of overflow. (Hassell missions are sometimes pretty basic. I am a cheap date.) Ketchikan had over 5" of rain this weekend and people kept telling me how high Ward Lake was, so we *had* to go check it out!

I have never seen Ward Lake trail under this much water!

The trail was completely under water on Saturday. I am amazed.

The line of water debris is almost up to the tree line. This is a huge amount. picnics here for awhile...

Connell Lake was next! The lake is WAY higher than normal. There are normally lots of rocks and logs where the water line is here, for quite aways out.

The dam was pretty cool, though! Check out all those massive logs stuck up there!

After driving around and looking at lakes in the sideways rain (and me without a rain jacket, sigh *duh*) we decided to go into town to get coffee and drive around for a bit until 4-ish, because we'd decided to go see "Horrible Bosses," which was really funny! I liked it because it was funny all the way through, almost nonstop, versus having a few really good belly laughs. I'd rather watch a consistently funny movie! I think this makes movie #2 I have seen in a theater this year. I'm a wild and crazy girl, for sure. ;o)

Anyway, that was my weekend of hanging out with my dad! I also joined a book club and am having a wee mental dilemma with buying the Patagonia Better Sweater Hoodie, but that might be for another post. I hope everyone also had a great weekend! What did you all do?

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