Friday, June 24, 2011

Kitties, Fowl, Food Thoughts, and More!

For the past two nights I have been staying with Murgen, but now as of tonight I'll be staying at my friend Joey's while she is out of town for three weeks. Murgen has the cutest cat ever. His name is Edison and I love him.

Edison totally loves to get inside my Baggu bags and keep them safe for me until I need to use them again. What would I do without him?

Murgen also have a bunch of chickens, all named "Meal," except for Rosemary the red chicken. They also have Howard the duck, who loves his swimming pool!

Howard loves eating in his pool!

Chickens love salmon skins!

Rosemary on the right, random chicken on the left.

Staying the two nights at Murgen's have been so great and I have really appreciated their hospitality! I feel really grateful having such awesome and supportive friends.

In other news, something that has kinda been bugging me lately is how poor my diet has been overall lately. I've gained five or six pounds since I've been in Ketchikan. Part of it is due to my not riding my bike eight miles round trip to work everyday and part of it is because I have been too tired to figure out menus and shopping lists every week. I've just gotten lazy about things and have gained weight because of it. I'm not feeling so great about it, so I know I need to cut back. Yesterday I did really good with watching my caloric intake and I have made a healthy, delicious menu for the next week and a half while Jonathan is here that I thought I would share. Starting Wednesday, it is based on my veggie box from Full Circle Farms, so I am looking forward to having these fresh veggies come my way!

I just copied-and-pasted the menu from an email I sent Jonathan earlier today, so that's why it's a little odd in some areas. :o)

Saturday: Go grocery shopping and go out to eat!
Sunday: Birthday halibut, asparagus, pesto noodles
Monday: Go out to eat?
Tuesday: Annie's with tunafish, corn, and broccoli
Wednesday: Salmon tacos with mango avocado salsa and corn on the cob
Thursday: Teriyaki salmon (teri-co? it's coho ;o) with roasted mushies and sauteed collard greens
Friday: Cold beet and feta salad, green beans, and I don't know what for the main dish - thoughts?
Saturday: Pasta with chicken sausage, salad of spinich + romaine + arugula + tomato
So, not too shabby, I don't think. We had previously decided that we could afford to eat out twice while he is here.  We plan to eat once at Annabelle's, where I will probably get something salmon, and the other night we discussed eating at Good Fortune, which is Chinese food. Annabelle's has semi-healthy options, but I used to work at Good Fortune and, while everything is really delicious, it is not the healthiest for you, but since I'm only eating there once I'm not going to feel bad about it. Everything in moderation! If I am eating good for a week before then, well, I think I'm doing okay then. Something that also will help in freeing up some time is I will be at one house for three weeks and I also haven't had a day off in two weeks because I have been saving up my days off so I can take two in a row while Jonathan is here.

After Jonathan leaves I am really looking forward to making this turkey sausage and kale soup with veggies recipe from my friend Angie! Doesn't it sound delicious?

I have two eco-friendly finds to share with you next week that I'm pretty excited about. By then I will have tried one of them and the other stuff should be here next week, as it was shipped today. Hopefully you will love this stuff as much as I hope to! ;o)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will be working only part of my day tomorrow (okay, I'll be working eight hours instead of ten) and will be picking Jonathan up on the 3:15pm ferry! On Sunday I'll have to work again but will be getting off around 4:15pm or so. I've got Monday and Tuesday off and Jonathan and I are planning on doing Southeast Exposure's zipline tour. Doesn't it look like fun?! We also plan on hiking the Perseverance Trail and Silvis Lake trails those days, too. Yay for hiking!!

And, that, my friends, is all I got for you until Monday! xo

P.S. I just have to share this picture of me and Harold outside the First City. It is epic.

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