Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kayak Racks, Moving Again, and Solstice Parties!

I have been dancing around the past couple of days because I FINALLY have the kayak rack and base racks on my car now, thanks to my friend Matt! Now I can actually go kayaking in my own kayak!

Matt installing the base racks. He does this in the winter months for ski and snowboard racks at ski places, so he actually knows what he's doing! After watching him do this I realize that I am so, so, so grateful that he did it, because there is no way I would have taken the proper time to do this. 

Sassy! J-racks up. Matt's proud of this rack installation!

 BowDown's bowin' down. I am the envy of a few of my kayaking friends for having these babies. Not having J-racks sticking up all the time is pretty sweet.

Today (Wednesday) I had to pack up all of my stuff because my friends that I was house-sitting for are coming back. Now that I no longer have a "base" place to stay that is empty, like the first house I was in, I didn't need a lot of the stuff I hauled up here with me in the car. I also don't want to haul it around for the next three months, so I mailed myself a 32lb box to Portland the other day. Parcel post is surprisingly affordable for big, heavy boxes! Although I guess I knew this in the back of my head because that's how I got my kayak racks up here.
In it were things like my pillow, two towels, some Pyrex baking dishes, my water filter pitcher, etc. I mean, really all stuff I will not need one bit.

I still had to pack my car up and I guess all of the stuff that went into the box would have gotten sat in the front seat of my car, but since I didn't need to worry about that I was happy to stack a bunch of soap that I made last night in it!
Speaking of soap, I made my shampoo bars for the first time! Doesn't this look like a big tub of caramel? And it smells amazing! The beer, honey, and oils blend is fabulously amazing. I can't wait to use it after my current shampoo bar is done!

For the summer solstice before I moved to Portland I would always go out to the Hole in the Wall for their epic summer party. I mean, it is a Party in every sense of the word. For example, I got accidentally punched in the jaw by a drunk party go-er. He was completely apologetic and, while he hit me hard enough for it to hurt pretty bad, I wasn't broken and I kept on my merry way! That merry way was to go up and pee outside of a stranger's car while my friend peed outside of the car next to it. There's no way we were going to wait ten minutes to use the bathroom. We're Alaskan, darn it! Also at the party was a fantastic array of food. Smoked salmon, crab, fresh salmon cooked on the grill (like, literally, FRESH. I saw a guy come up the dock with two salmon filets, wrap them in foil and season them, and then came back later and presto! Salmon for everyone to eat!), salads, veggie munchies...oh, man. We ate good last night!

Here's the pictures I took last night. I didn't realize until later that my flash wasn't on, which is why the pictures are a little blurry. Oh, well!

So busy! People just pull off the highway as much as they can to park.

There were enough people later in the evening to sink the dock partway. There was a lot of cheering when it happened.

My friends from the archaeology trip that didn't happen this year! Forrest, Peter, Fawn, and I!

Archaeology feets

I really like this picture. I took it later in the evening, maybe 10:30pm or so? I think this is when I started to hear cheering for part of the dock being underwater.

Harold and I

Everybody loves Harold!

This looks like a spooky movie still of Rainier cans. This is when I realized my flash wasn't on.

Oh, hey there, flash!

In awesome news my friend that I'm house-sitting for next is going out of town a week early, so I'll be heading to her house on Friday instead of sometime next week. Having a home base for three whole weeks that's in town and right down the street from my friends Whitney and Brian is going to be so fun and great!

And that is what's been going on the past few days! I can't wait for Saturday afternoon when Jonathan comes into town for a whole week! I AM SO EXCITED!! I hope everyone else's week is going great!

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