Monday, June 27, 2011

A Totally Normal Weekend

As I write this Jonathan and I are watching "Mythbusters" and I'm drinking a Moscow Mule on Sunday night. This would be a totally normal Sunday night except we're at someone else's house with someone else's super cute dog hanging out with us:

 (This is Bosco. You can tell he lives with kids, right?)
It has been totally awesome having Jonathan here. We went to Annabelle's for dinner last night and then decided to go up to Cape Fox for dessert and drinks because he wanted creme brulee for a belated birthday treat. We had a totally awesome time hanging out with Murgen, Tiernan, and Whitney! Then today (Sunday) I had to go to work, but he got to go flying with my dad! Here's a few of the pictures he took:

 Sideways-ish photo of cruise ships downtown

 Snow's Cove, which is where I did my kayak safety class a month ago

A salt chuck

I forget which lake this is. Oops!

A wee little glacial lake

That stinker saw goats! If you zoom in on this picture, there is a baby goat next to the middle goat! Can you say jealous?!

Buzzing the seals

He got to see a fish trap!

Can you see the seals?

Today (Monday) our plan is to go ziplining at 10:30am and then hike the Perseverance Trail up to the lake. The trail was redone sometime earlier this year or late last year and I haven't hiked it yet! So I am looking forward to checking it out. There have been a lot of people telling me about bear signs on the trail, but if we stay safe we will be okay. I'm not worried, but it is good to be mindful of the bears!! Tuesday our plan is to hike to Lower Silvis Lake, like I did in this post with Sharron and Ada. Then Tuesday night Jonathan, my dad, and I are going to go fish for salmon! Jonathan got his first ever fishing license today!!! I am so proud of him. His Alaskafication is going so well. ;o)

P.S. My hairdresser friend Claire put feathers in my hair a few days ago! Aren't they cute?! First time I have ever been called "trendy," I'm pretty sure. I have been jonesing for pink and blue feathers in my hair!

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