Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cleaning out the Caboodle, making venison, and excitement at the Urban Farm Store

This past weekend was so good I'm doing two posts about it. I love when that happens!

Besides making cheese, other awesomeness happened, as well.

In food-land, I made Whole Living's Salmon with Herbed Mustard sauce, altered their Roasted Shiitakes and Pacific Cod recipe into my own "Roasted Shiitakes and Other Mushrooms because I Can't Pay $11.99lb for Fresh Shiitakes and I Need Two Pounds' Worth" recipe (but I used the leftovers of my previously made herbed mustard sauce and it was DELICIOUS), and made venison nuggets with roasted veggies, as well.

Here's the outcomes of the food:

On Saturday I cleaned out my Caboodle (yes, I still use my Caboodle aka "tackle box for makeup") for the first time EVER and got rid of a bunch of makeup I don't use, including some that I used in high school. Yes, that was a decade ago. I wish I'd thought to take a before picture, but I kinda started cleaning it on a whim. I wiped it out and everything. It was really sparkly on the inside. :o)

I think I was given this for Christmas when I was maybe eight? Nine?

 Cleeean!! I even cleaned my makeup brushes (also for the first time) and they go next to the eyeliner pencils.

I got rid of all of this. Yuck!

Saturday afternoon is when the good stuff happened. Jonathan and I had been meaning to go to the Urban Farm Store for a looong time, but we always forgot we wanted to or we'd remember sometime during the week and then forget by the weekend. We went when they'd first opened up in their new shop and that was quite some time ago. We were pretty excited to go on Saturday!

I'm a fan of the Urban Farm Store on Facebook and had seen that they had soap-making and candle-making kits there now, so I wanted to check them out. They'd previously mentioned on the fan page that they had apiary stuff there now, too, which I really wanted to check out. I want to keep bees so bad! Someday!

We ended up finding some awesome-looking soap and candle-making stuff. I really want to start doing this! They have homebrew items for when I'm ready for that, as well. I really want to start doing the homebrew. I have a kit, now I just need to DO it!! Anyway, back to the UFS, they have not one, but two shop cats! Both of them are very sweet and pettable. We wandered outside and found their ducks and chickens! It was like heaven for Jonathan and I.


 A very curious chicken!

Poultry party!

We ended up buying some organic, locally grown eggs, two locally-made pine cone candles, and some Amish popcorn.

 Yummy eggs that we're going to start buying regularly

 So pretty!

The pine cone candles live here now, next to my Tracy French photo and the goofy, weirdo photo Jonathan and I took at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

I love that it's Wednesday! I have another three day weekend coming up and am very much looking forward to it.

Also, we ROCKED at getting donations for Serena yesterday! She was amazed to be getting donations to strangers and she says a big THANK YOU!!!

My friend Megan is hosting a giveaway for some all natural body products made by Sheena LaShay. Enter to win some yummy prizes and if you donate to Serena you'll get an extra entry (the link to donate is on the right side of her blog page). What's not to love?


  1. Loved this post...The ducks and chickens are always one of my favorites at the fair every year! much did it cost for a dozen eggs? I've got no clue what "organic" prices are like.


  2. A dozen eggs was $6. We've been paying $5 at Fred Meyer's for organic eggs from somewhere far away, like Wisconsin or something. :o/

    I wish you could check out the Urban Farm Store! It is so fun and they're always really helpful. The owners are really nice people.

  3. We get our chicken supplies from the urban farm store. they are awesome! I'm pretty sure that chicken is less curious and more about trying to get a snack! :)

  4. Oh, that's neat! I was holding two small candles in my hand and I think everyone was thinking it was a treat. Sorry chickies!