Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In case anyone wants to help a friend of mine...

My friend Serena's house got broken into this weekend and both of her and her boyfriend's laptops were stolen. She is an unemployed artist and interior designer who is struggling to make ends meet. Her deductible is $1,000 and her insurance goes up a bunch upon renewal. If anyone is feeling charitable and is able to donate any toward helping her out, it is greatly appreciated. The link is on the right side of her blog page.

Another way to help would be to buy some of her awesome art! Here are a few of my favorites, which you can purchase in her Etsy store.

And my favorite of my favorites...

Thanks for possibly donating to a friend! I know she, her boyfriend, and her cats and chickens greatly appreciate it!


  1. oh man, that is AWFUL. you are such a good friend to want to help her out!

  2. I just feel horrible that this happened! She is the nicest person and I wouldn't wish this upon anyone. She donated some money to me when I was having a fundraiser back in October for my cat's vet bill, so I am more than happy to be able to help her out now! Friends gotta help each other out!

  3. Thank you so soooo much!! It's been quite a humbling experience. I appreciate everyone support, from kind words to money. I couldn't get through this with out kind people like you!

    ps. Check your mail today!

  4. Ooh, mail shall be checked! :oD And, of course, you are welcome!! Friends gotta look out for friends!