Friday, January 14, 2011

Things I'm loving lately: Feathers and birds

My apartment is decorated with so much feather and bird stuff. One thing that I liked about Jonathan when we first got together is that he was a huge bird nerd, as am I. So it has been really easy to collect bird stuff because he is all for it! We even have a mobile feather collection in the car.

Here's some of our feathery things...

 Some of my owl, chicken, and puffin collection (with Alaska-ey stuff and vintage glass and Rainier can underneath)

 Two owlet plushies in the back are available on Etsy!
The left one is by Plushroom Soup and the right one is by Zapol Designs.

 Letterpress quail flask in the back is by ManEatingFlower.

 Our bird wall!

 Puffins in Love print by Kana Mettler, Raven letterpress print by Krank Press, not sure who puffin photograph is by?

 Burrowing owl print by Krank Press and Cardinal Family by Ryan Berkeley

Not sure who the rooster print is by, Quail letterpress by Krank Press, bird drawing by me to visually balance out the rest of the bird wall ;o)
(We now have more bird pictures to add but we need frames.)

Some feather things I've been loving are...

What sort of things have you been loving lately?


  1. I love birds too, and I love all the feather stuff!

  2. you need this!

  3. Ha ha! That is so cute! I do like that.

  4. I too LOVE chickens/roosters and owls! Feathers are great as well! I used to collect feathers (haven't done so in years though. I end up collecting rocks these days....I'm planning a future blog post on our rock "collection"). Great set of birdy things! I really thought this post was cute and unique! (I got quite the chuckle out of the "Brittany Original" that you've drawn to "balance out" the wall). Oh! And those "Cardinal Family" portraits are hilarious - LOVED EM!


  5. Oh, I'd love to see pictures of your rock collection! I have a rock/things found in the woods/shells/etc collection. There is so much neat stuff in this world!

    You like my Brittany Original? Ha ha!! ;o) It looked so weird without something else in that spot, so I had to balance it.

  6. oh, i love those feather things, esp. the Groundwork print and the scarf by NewDuds.
    my friend got me the lace bird shirt for my birthday last year, it's cute.

  7. Oh, that's awesome that you own the shirt! The NewDuds scarf is back in stock and I have a tab open to that page in my browser. I think I'm going to buy it today. $20 for a handprinted scarf is so well-priced!

  8. love it! I love puffins as well, and that letterpress flask is awesome! Thanks so much for including some of our items, I'm gonna follow you now!!

  9. Yay! Thank you for the follow! I'm a follower on your blog, as well. Love the kitty picture y'all put up this weekend!

    I didn't even realize I loved so many of your items until I went back and checked it out. Three in one post is pretty good, though, I think! ;o) I'm wearing the scarf today and have already gotten quite a few compliments!