Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why is it so hard to find a calendar?

I really do not understand this. Why is it so hard to find a good calendar? This is always part of my end-of-year happening, year after year. I must always find the best calendar for the next year, but it is always a search. I want a wall calendar that has boxes for every day, so Jonathan and I have somewhere to write things down in. This is always harder to find than it sounds.

These are calendars I wish would have worked because I love them!

Image from here.

I love this calendar so incredibly much. I have loved the work of Jamie Shelman for a long time. I would totally love this calendar. However, it is $80. It IS all cat originals, though! I think this calendar is totally worth the money, but I just don't have $80 for a calendar, although it would be neat to own twelve of Jamie's works. A girl can dream. (If you would like to purchase an $80 calendar for a stranger I would be quite happy, though. ;o)

Image from here.

Again, another beautiful calendar. I always want a letterpress calendar. I don't know why. I just love letterpress! If this calendar had boxes for days I would be all over it. Foxes + mountains + trees = a happy Brittany. I also love the colors. Alas, no boxes.

STOP THE PRESSES!! I have found it!

Image from here.

YES. I love the art work of Charley Harper, plus this calendar is big, hangs on a wall, has boxes to write in, AND is only $8.44 on Amazon!!

Folks, my search is over. I have found my calendar.

(Does anyone else do the yearly search like I do? I do the same thing with my yearly planners, although it happens a month or two earlier than now.)

In cooking news, last night I made an amaaazing new recipe! Oh, wow, it is so good!

You can see the rest of the photos from making this dinner in this album and how I made it. This is truly one of my new favorite recipes. The flavor of the ginger with the veggies and the onion and everything else is totally magical. I give this recipe 8/5 stars. It's that good.

Also, have you seen my auctions for my jadite plates? I know you want them!

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  1. Not quite the same, but I have always had an agenda/planner and have a bit of a search each year for a new one. This year I got excited about this one because it has cool stuff like a list with dates for stuff to be done in the garden. It might be made for moms but IT'S COOL. Ben surprised me with it for Christmas :)