Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Sunday from Girly Camping Trip 2010!

Oh, Sunday morning of Girly Camping Trip 2010. There was still wine left that had to be taken care of...

 Becca, being the awesome trooper that she is, took care of it. We applaud you!

We decided to hike this morning to two sets of falls. It was a shorter hike, but still very beautiful and we loved it!

Walking across the Nisqually River

We walked across a sweet bridge

We made Adventure Faces at the river

We found many rock cairns

And then we were in the woods!

We are so cute I can hardly stand it. I heart you, Becca!

Then...there we were...and what did we see?

I have not seen red huckleberries since I was in Alaska. It was only when I moved here and realized that Tillamook's huckleberry yogurt has blue berries on the front, which I thought was bizarre, but Oregon usually has blue huckleberries. I didn't even know such a thing existed. All the huckleberries I have known have been red, like these. So this was the cause of a minor freakout of excitement.

I stole this picture from Renai. This is me enjoying the huckleberries and telling Nicolle about them because these were her first huckleberries!! (I think I also got to introduce Jonathan to his first salmonberries, which was also another source of excitement on my part. We all know I am easily excited, though.)

After the huckleberry excitement we hiked and hiked and hiked some more...and finally we got to the falls!

Isn't this picture majestic?

We had plans to drink Rainier on Mt. Rainier, so we did! Yay for tall boys!

You've seen the bumper sticker, but Alaskan girls DO kick ass!

Frikken cute.

Some nice other hikers took a picture so Nicolle could be in the picture! Even though she's from California we still love her and want her to be included. :o)

Oh, god, then the actual beer drinking happened.

Perhaps you will know this by the other name: Ran-yay.

Go, Amy! Go, Amy, go!

Go, me! Go, me, go!

Go, Renai! Go, Renai, go!

Go, Nicolle! Go, Nicolle, go!

Luckily this is Rainier, so it has like 1% alcohol. Whatever! We started our begin hike back down.

I saw a big piece of bear bread. It was as big as a dinner plate.

As we got to the bottom we saw fast clouds moving around the top of Mt Rainier. It was nice to finally see the mountain, even though we didn't really see all that much of it.

We stood there for about ten minutes, waiting for the clouds to move enough so we could get pictures. It still never was very clear, so we got as many pictures as we could. After we returned from our hike Becca shotgunned the other Rainier we had brought with us (I would have liked to, but I'm the driver!). The Seattle car headed to get pie and the Portland car headed back south toward home. I saw some of my great friends at Mt. Rainier and absolutely cannot WAIT to go back there, now that I know more about what adventures are in store up there. To Girly Camping Trip 2011!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! We went camping this weekend as well, but the scenery in Florida was not nearly as pretty as this (and it was ridiculously hot)! Thanks for sharing!