Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Saturday from Girly Camping Trip 2010!

Thanks for checking out what happened the Saturday of Girly Camping Trip 2010! Let's get down to business...

Saturday morning we got up and I did the most important thing:

I got my stove out and started boiling water for coffee

Mmmm...French press Peru Cafe Femenino. YUM.

Nicolle made everyone banana and Nutella wraps for breakfast

She is a pro. You can tell she has done this many times.

Ta da! It was so delicious!

It looks like Becca has a giant joint. It's just banana wrap deliciousness.

Due to the chilly mountain morning, Renai rocked the wool socks + sandal combo.

I took a few pictures of the campground while I was waiting for the other ladies to get ready

Cool glacial erratic at our site

Finally we were all ready to go into town and adventure further west! Yay for car times!

Our first stop was the Ashford, WA, general store. They had Alaskan beer!

Their sweet Rainier display

I hope he went to a good home!

Ashford makes one feel patriotic

We all took turns sitting in the back

Our mission was to see what else was going on around Mt. Rainier. We saw a sign advertising an estate sale and why would we NOT want to go to an estate sale in another part of the state?! So we went. There was SO much vintage glass it drove me cray that I didn't have more cash. I bought a bunch of bottles and jars to add to my glass collection. Can you believe I didn't take a picture of what I bought? Me!!

At the estate sale we met Annabelle, the nine year old pug

Yes, that is her tongue

We finally tore ourselves away from Annabelle and headed toward Elbe, WA

Elbe has lots of trains!

We saw a sign advertising elk burgers on one of the cars and this got Renai and I pretty excited, so we hopped on board.

Cool carving to welcome us!

We got to sit in the car with hot pink booths!

This fork looked like a spoon you would catch salmon with

Becca and I got dollar Jello shots

Becca and Amy shared a malt. It was beautiful!

The elk burger

After food we went to the church in Elbe, which is one of the smallest in North America!

After walking around Elbe for a bit we decided to head back to the campsite. We pretty much all took naps and prepped for our next adventure, which was "to see how far we could drive on the big road past our campsite."

We stopped on the bridge over the Nisqually River, which was an absolutely amazing view. Looking down the river.

Looking up the river. A glacier carved this out!

We are silly.

Yes, we are.

But what can I say? I love the Nisqually!

A higher up view of the bridge and where the glacier is (at the top, but you can't quite see it).

And we kept driving...

We finally arrived in Paradise! (WA)

We were just leaving when Becca spotted a fox!! He was so cute!

We headed back down the road, heading back to our campsite. We decided to stop at a waterfall along the way that we had missed earlier.

I forget the name, but it is beautiful!

Back at the campsite, I took a few more pictures...

The "pictograph" between the two campsites

So majestic

Another salmon dinner!

A perfect way to end an adventurous day...

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