Friday, September 3, 2010

Things I'm loving lately

I don't think I could be more excited for the weekend right now. It is our busiest time of work and the stress level is high. We're shorthanded and doing the best we can, but I am definitely glad to be going on vacation in eight days!

In the meantime, here are some things that make me happy and I'm loving...

Excitement #1: The Bhaktishop

The Bhaktishop is the yoga studio I've been going to on Tuesday nights for donation yoga. Nicolle and I started going there maybe a month and a half ago and I have had nothing but good experiences!

There is a rotating cast of teachers, who I believe are all graduates of the Bhaktishop's yoga program. Everyone has been really nice and will answer questions. They all bring something a little bit different to my yoga practice, which I really appreciate! I stopped going to certain teachers because they wouldn't change the practice ever.  I was doing pretty much the same yoga moves in the same order every time. So having the variety is really important to me, both mentally and physically. When I'm at the Bhaktishop it feels as though I would have to force myself to think of anything that isn't total relaxation. They're good!

One word of advice: show up early! The class on Tuesday is the only one I've been to, but it fills up quickly. Get there at least by 6:45pm. Also, if it's sunny outside, you'll definitely want to be by the bamboo wall, not the wall of beautiful windows. It is HOT.

On Thursdays when we come back from our vacation I'd like to start going to Sprout for their intermediate vinyasa night. I've been wanting to check them out for awhile, but life can get pretty busy, but I think it will start slowing down come fall. I miss doing yoga on a regular schedule a couple times a week, so I'm looking forward to getting back into it!

Excitement #2: Patagonia undies (image from Altrec)

Maybe this is TMI, but I don't care. I think every lady deserves to be wedgie-free and happy throughout the course of her day. Patagonia's undies will certainly help. These come in a few different cuts and many different colors and styles. Your butt will be happier throughout the day because it is swaddled in comfort. (I don't know why I don't write product descriptions for companies. I could totally do it.) These undies certainly cost more ($20 each unless you find them on sale), but they are totally worth it. They last forever and dry quickly. I have hand-washed mine on many a camping trip and they dry super fast. I call them my "action undies" because you will run faster, jump higher, have the perfect badminton shot, AND will win in croquet if you wear these. I personally guarantee it. Really.
P.S. Everything by Patagonia is amazing. Their Capilene shirts & undergarments and Synchilla fleeces...oooohhh, baby!

P.P.S. I linked to Altrec, because they have the best selection of these, plus they are in Redmond, OR! So they are semi-local to me. Did I mention free shipping on orders over $45? They ship super crazy fast, too. You will have your undies in days, seriously.

P.P.P.S. I get no reimbursement from either Patagonia or Altrec for my intense love of both companies. (But if you would like to send me reimbursement I would love you even more than I already do. Patagonia, those polka-dotted undies I do not own. Please fix. Size small. Thank you. xoxo)

Excitement #3: Tia, hairstylist extraordinaire
One of the hardest things about moving is finding your way in a new town. Where are nice places to get brunch that you don't have to wait hours for? (Blue Pig Cafe!) Who is going to take care of my beloved pets? (Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care!) And also very important, who is going to make me look fabulous when I need a hair cut?
I went to the cheap places, Rudy's and Bishop's. I like the idea of paying $20 for a hair cut. However, I never knew what my hair was going to end up looking like. As I have been rocking the pixie cut for years I know a few things about how I like it to be cut. I like it cut so that it looks good growing out for awhile. I don't want to pay to have my hair cut every month. I don't want it to look like I have a mullet. I don't want someone to spike my hair to style it after they've cut it. I don't want products in my hair, in general, after I've had it cut.
My friend Andi has had short hair for as long as I've known her and her hair always looks great! She said her friend Tia cuts her hair, so I went to her and it was like magic. Tia is funny, amazing, and an all-around great person. Plus, she cuts my hair *exactly* how I like it. It grows out well, I don't get weird thick hair on the sides, plus, we figured out I have a small patch of hair that grows extra thick. She works at Gilly's Salon on SE 26th and Clinton. Gilly's is small and everyone is friendly. They only use eco-friendly products, which makes me feel good. I just love going there! So if you're looking for a place in town to get a great cut and to feel extra fabulous afterward, Gilly's is the place and Tia is your girl!
(I have to also add that one time when Tia was working at Kalista there was a small electrical fire and everyone had to evacuate the salon. My hair was only half trimmed, so Tia, being the trooper that she is, cut my hair on the street, in view of firemen, people driving by, and general gawkers that attend any emergent situation. I had my picture taken quite a few times by strangers. It was so funny, but she still did a great job!)
Excitement #4: Quorn!
Have you heard of Quorn? Most people haven't, but we eat it quite a bit as our source of protein/fake meat in our house. It's made from mycoprotein and has a lot less calories than real meat. There are about twelve different products out there (in the U.S.) that are easily found in your grocery store's natural foods freezer section. (I only wish that the products available overseas were available here! There are TONS.) The texture is almost exactly like meat and I have fed Quorn products to hardcore carnivores and they couldn't tell the difference. Jonathan and I have tried every Quorn product that Freddie's carries and they are all SO delicious. Some of my favorites are the gruyere chik'n cutlets (DELICIOUS CHEESEY CHEESE), chik'n tenders (excellent in stir-fries or on shishkies!), and the chik'n nuggets. If you're looking to cut your meat intake but still want a way to get protein, I highly recommend Quorn.
WHOA. Okay, I just looked at all of the products available on the United Kingdom site. DANG. I am so jealous! I knew they had more, but I didn't realize they had SO much more. I am drooling. Not fair! Quorn, please send more of your delicious fake meat products stateside!
So, let's talk about you. What are you loving lately?

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  1. Vacation? what's that lol. Have fun and a great weekend!