Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Friday from Girly Camping Trip 2010!

Oh, hey, I'm FINALLY getting my camping blog up! That weekend was SO MUCH FUN! Me and four other girls drove to Mt. Rainier to camp for two nights. I'll post a fair amount of pictures total (to warn you now), but you can see all of the pictures here. I'll post about Friday today and there will be two other blogs for Saturday and Sunday's shenanigans.

Going up from Portland were Nicolle, Becca, and I, and coming down from Seattle were Renai and Amy.

I had never taken my cowgirl hat camping with me, but I knew immediately it was the Right Thing To Do.

It took about two and a half hours to drive to Mt. Rainier. Well, let me rephrase that. I had Google Mapped to the address that Recreation.gov had given me for our campground. Apparently, that address lead us right to the administrative offices for the park, not the actual campground. Becca asked and it was 40 MINUTES (this is key) to the campground. There also had been no mention of the $15 per car fee to get into the park. Probably good information to have known beforehand! We made it to the park fine and found our campsites
The celebratory "We made it to the campsite yay!" beers. (That's me, Becca, and Nicolle.)

I set up my tent. (You have all met my tent.)

 Becca was able to oversee our tent-putting-up operations with her eyes closed. Yes, she's just THAT good!

There was some construction going on in our camp ground. We called it the "construction bird" and some of the noises it made were pretty loud and screetchy.

We spent Friday drinking beer, eating, and giggling.

We got a ton of free wood from the campsite C hosts, who were leaving the next day. We got free firewood, a whole sack of newspaper, and a garbage bag full of kindling. Oh, yes. We built fires.

Becca and I opened our Three Buck Chuck with a Swiss Army knife corkscrew. Her knife is actually from Switzerland!

Grilling corn for our dinner

It's rough to camp with us. Alaska salmon, grilled corn, homemade potato salad, and rosemary bread both nights for dinner.


Our fire

And that was our Friday! There are more adventures to come...


  1. Obviously I am a good camping buddy. Cowboy hats, getting directions, observing with my eyes closed, opening up wine. What else do you need?

  2. We need nothing else! You were doing such a great job that you took care of everything!