Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The last Wednesday of September

I don't know how many of you live in places where the trees turn color, but I am totally loving it here in Portland. In SE Alaska, where I'm from, there is pretty much nothing but evergreens. Trees do not change. I would see pictures of trees changing color and see it when I went to the Lower 48, but never saw it on a daily basis. Obviously, that has changed! Now that I'm riding my bike to and from work every day, I get an eight mile tour that's filled with color. There are a few specific places that I get excited about getting toward because there are some really good trees there. The color gradients are awesome. I like using my Shake It photo app on my iPhone to take pictures of the trees because it really makes the colors pop.

 Fun! I love all the little bits of color in this. I could take pictures of leaves all day.

But enough about leaves for now...

I've been reading this book lately and I think it's really interesting. It combines two of my favorite things: polar exploration! (okay, how about just "adventure") and nutrition. I bought it at Parnassus when we were in Ketchikan. I had noticed it when I was there back in May, but didn't decide to purchase it until this trip. It's so good! I don't know if there is anyone else reading this who will find this topic remotely interesting, but I think it's pretty cool.
I'm excited about later this month on the 16th because Andi and I have a Naked Lady Party planned. We've been wanting to get one together for awhile, but it only now came to fruition. I'm looking forward to getting rid of some old clothes and hopefully finding some cute new ones!
In important news:
My friends Dasha and Mike are having a benefit show later this month for their beloved cat Weasley, who was a victim of a hit and run. He has a broken pelvis and nerve damage. He is a handsome orange kitty who is very loved. Dasha and Mike are great people and are doing all they can to help him right now, but if you are able to spare a few dollars, every little bit helps! They're having a benefit show and this is what they've got to say about things...

"A benefit show for the pocketbooks of Mike & Dasha! Our dear cat, Weasley, was hit by a car (that drove off, of course), leaving him with a broken pelvis, some nerve damage, and some serious medical bills.

Come down to Backspace if you love this cat! Saturday, October 16 · 8:00pm - 11:30pm. Donations at the door! $5-10 sliding scale! Probably some sort of bake sale and cool shit!

Apes Tapes bands! Spesus Christ, Adventures! With Might, Your Canvas, Keep the Kids Quiet, and Bootz Orchestra! Backspace! All Ages! Awesome!

Viva la Weasley!"

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  1. So sorry to hear about your friends cat. I hope for a speedy and wonderful recovery for him.