Friday, August 20, 2010

Things I'm loving lately

I am happy to say I now own the deliciously-scented Pacifica Brazilian Mango Grapefruit bath gel that I coveted, but that doesn't mean you still can't buy me more! (Please. It is so great.)

I'm writing this post ahead of time because I am camping at Mt Rainier tonight and tomorrow night with some girlfriends! I know I will come back with a TON of pictures, so check back later and I'll have some posted!

Excitement #1: 100% Pure

100% Pure is definitely one of my top favorite brands ever, hands down. Everything I have tried of theirs smell delicious and I want to eat it, but it also is made with nothing but healthy, good-for-you ingredients. (All images from the 100% Pure website.)

This is the face cleaner I use every night to take my makeup off. It's a little messy, but totally worth it. It is super minty fresh and it makes your face feel happy and the smell is awesome. It gets all of my makeup off (I hardly wear any, but sometimes mascara is tough, you know?) and my face doesn't feel over-dry like some facial cleaners. I always feel happy and clean.

This daily SPF smells like blackberries. I want to eat it. I feel good slathering a bunch of this stuff on my face every day, plus I like to think other people can smell how good my face smells. (This is such a weird thing to say. I apologize.)

This scrub is so lemony and awesome that it makes me want to do a little dance in honor of its awesomeness. It is such a happy smell! You couldn't NOT have a good day after scrubbing yourself down with this in the morning. I have never tried the lemon body cream, but I'm pretty sure it would blow my mind in the very best way.

I love lipgloss, but I don't like to think of how much crap I would be ingesting if I wore un-quality (is that a word?) lipgloss. This is a great sheer pink color that looks great. The only thing that could possibly make it better is if it actually tasted like grapefruit. I would probably lick my lips often and that's bad, so it's better this way. This gloss doesn't taste bad by any means, but it ain't no grapefruit.

Excitement #2: Artoo

I'm sorry. This picture cracks me up and so I'm posting it again.

Excitement #3: my two Kelty tents

Little did I know in 2007 that I was buying the greatest tent in the history of the universe. REI had a big sale and I was looking for a tent. They had the Kelty Gunnison 2 at something like 60% off. It was over half off at least. It had good reviews, so I felt pretty confident in buying it. When I got it and set it up for the first time it amazed me. It took less than five minutes and I didn't have to use instructions (I'm a Hassell. We don't use instructions.). My tent is the greatest tent ever. I have taken it everywhere! (Including Hawaii in 2008, but we didn't take pictures of it, sadly.)

A small walk down tent memory lane...

Bullhead Cove, archaeology trip in 2008

 Camping on Jonathan's parents' land in 2008

Jonathan and Artoo, Beverly Beach, OR, 2009

Judd Harbor, archaeology trip in 2009

As soon as Jonathan and I got together and I coerced him into camping with me, it became apparent that two people in a "two" person tent was one too many. My tent fits me quite well. Adding a six foot tall guy into the equation was a lot. So we needed a new tent. All I wanted for Christmas was the Kelty Gunnison 4. I feel like I bugged my dad relentlessly about this for Christmas. "What else do you want besides the tent?" he asked. "The footprint!" I said. Yeah.

But I got it for Christmas, so it worked!!

Jonathan and I didn't have a chance to use our awesome, Team-Brittanathan-sized tent until July of this year, a full seven months after I'd received it. Sad, I know. (School got in the way this year. Stupid anthropology degree. ;o)

Meanwhile, I was still camping gleefully up in Alaska alone with my solo tent.

Nakat Inlet, Alaska, 2010

I am also crazy about my Kelty sleeping bag, but that is another post entirely.

Tongass Island, Alaska, 2010

In July, 2010, we finally used our giant, family-sized tent and it was amazing! This is at the Moss Creek Campground in Washington in July this year.

A few weeks later Renai and I camped out at Twin Harbors, WA, in the tent. It rocked!

And so now, today and tomorrow night, I shall again sleep in my Britt-sized Kelty tent on Mt. Rainier in Washington. I am writing this post FOR THE FUTURE so that there is something for you to read on Friday. But, really, I'm camping with four of my girl friends and life could not be better.

Excitement #4: my CamelBak water bottle

I was always "that person" at work. The one that always spilled water on themselves when I tried to drink from regular water bottles. That all changed once I found one of these babies. They are amazing. (Image from the CamelBak site.)

It IS better! I no longer have water spots on my shirt when people come into the lobby at work and have to talk to me. I no longer snork water up my nose. I drink more water in general now that I have a super cute water bottle that shows me how much I drink. I drink at least three of these a day, in addition to other beverages. I love water, but I Really love drinking it from this bottle. I finally got one for Jonathan, too, because when he was in Bombs Into You he would play shows and drink from my ultra-girly water bottle. He is manly enough to be fine with it, but I felt like he needed his own. He has a manly blue one now and, thank god, we are finally stereotypically gender-colored correctly.

I did decorate my bottle. It looks like this now. I have to Brittany-ize everything I own. I used to collage a lot in high school. I haven't lost my love of it.

 Love! There is still a lot of empty space, though. I need more good stickers!

What kind of things are YOU loving lately? I wanna hear about them!

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